I have come into possession of this piece via an old acquaintance of mine, Mohammed (Mo for short). I worked for him briefly when I was a teenager. He owned an electronics store and showed me the ins and outs of the business. One day while I was cleaning out extra office space, I came across the piece. I took it to Mo as to find out what it was, as it clearly didn't belong in a retail electronics store. Mo explained to me that the piece was a relic passed down from his ancestors, who claimed to be direct descendants of the Hindu goddess, Kali. Supposedly, this piece has the magical charm of being able to summon Kali's spirit, as it is said to be inhabited by a fraction of her spirit.

Here's the scoop. Kali, whom is the Hindu Mother Goddess, is said to be the kindest and most loving out of all the Hindu gods. She is dark blue in color, suggesting that her nature is comprehensive and all embracing. She is in ferocious form, sporting angry red eyes, wild hair, fangs, and a long serpentine tongue. She is nicknamed "the dark one." Don't let this fool you; this goddess does not have a malicious bone in her astral body and she only uses her powers to hamper evil that threatens order and harmony.

Kali is often depicted with four arms, each one representing a different aspect of her existence. In her upper arms, she is holding in one hand a sword and the other a severed head. This depicts the human ego and divine wisdom... one must let go of their ego to truly perceive. In her bottom two hands she holds a skull bowl, catching the blood of the severed head, and the trident of her consort, Shiva. Kali wears a necklace made of fifty human skulls, representing the fifty letters of the Sanskrit Alphabet, suggesting that she has all-knowing wisdom. Her skirt is made of human arms and is a cause and effect mechanism of Karma.

Kali is said to have leaped into existence from the brow of Durgo during a battle of good and evil involving the Durgo and the demon, Raktubija. She sprang to life, killing all of Durgo's enemies in a fit of rage. Mad from battle, she danced on the dead corpses, coming to rest with her foot on the head of Shiva. Kali took pity on her and made Shiva her consort. Shiva represents absolute pure consciousness. Kali represents active creative power. The two cannot exist separately from one another.

Seeing how impressed I was with the piece, and since he didn’t have any children of his own, seeing as he was practically married to his store, he passed the piece on to me. He obviously didn’t believe in the power and it was doing him any good, anyhow. Giving me the piece didn’t go without good cause, either. When he passed the piece on to me, I felt an immediately strong connection to the piece. It was if the piece was beckoning me to unlock its hidden secrets. That’s exactly what I intended to do.

With the help of DeeDee’s medium abilities and expertise, I was able to unlock the mystical power of the piece the Mo had given to me. I have gained my share of the uses of this piece and now I am making in available to you. The piece is very powerful and will allow for a multitude of powers under several categories.

The first category is that of Active Creative Power. You will gain a vast array of kinetic energy abilities, including (but certainly not limited to) electrokinetic, gyrokinetic, geokinetic, and biokinetic energies.

Under the second category, Absolute Pure Consciousness, you will gain intuitive natural capabilities, or the ability to pick up knowledge and/or other abilities that have taken years to learn and perfect-- in other words, you will display super human intelligence and omniscience. You will be given a heightened spiritual awareness, allowing yourself to be more in tune with your astral being. As a result you will be more spiritually open, allowing for more, and further, spiritual capabilities than you have ever experienced before.

Finally, you will be given power over Karma. This will give you a keen psychic foresight, giving you the wisdom and insight of the future. This will ultimate give you the ability to change the future and what it holds in store for you. This piece is very powerful and is not to be toyed with, as it will give you the strength of the goddess, and may invoke her rage. The piece will not be able to overcome you, but it never hurts to be cautious.

See the YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tY3SVaj6KuE
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