Ancient Sumerians often placed curses on the generations of certain families. These curses could be anything from sexual in nature,unable to orgasm,fertility,lack of soul mate,mental illness and all sorts of things. Most people don't know that they have this and it is hard for us to determine if that is your problem of not but if it is then this will help! If your a man with a penis problem or a woman that is just having serious trouble,this will fix that problem. This works by sending electrical impulses to the brain that stimulate you where you need it. You will feel it! It feels like tiny little beats or patters in the flesh where there is a problem. We only have one and it is a set of earrings that will work directly on the brain. If your a man you may take them apart and wear one on your chest but you WILL need to wear them. usually you are cured in about 2 weeks.
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