Even today the name Attila the Hun conjures up images of pillage and destruction. King of the Huns for 20 years, he commanded an army of half a million men, made all of Europe tremble, and threatened to capture Rome itself.

But the terrifying Attila died before he completed his conquest of the civilized world, and it wasn't on the battlefield... it was on his wedding night!

In the year 453, Attila took a new wife: a young girl named Ildico, renowned for her beauty. After celerating with much alcohol, and then a night of drunken sex to celerate the wedding, he passed out on his back.

The following day servants became alarmed when Attila did not rise at the normal time. After their shouts failed to wake him, they knocked down the door. Inside they found the body of their chieftain sprawled out on the bed, beside his weeping bride.

Initially it was thought that his new bride murdered him, but it was discovered that for all his power and might, the great conquerer had a weakness -- he suffered from chronic nosebleeds. One apparently came upon him in his drunken state... and he choked to death.

Attila was paid back by karma... his barbaric attacks proclaimed chaos upon many innocent people, and now as he finally found happiness with Ildico, his life was ended, ironic? More like a divine intervention!

This piece will pack the punch to someone who has pilfered through your life and left despair behind -- this will provide the exceptional revenge that you are wishing to exude -- upon WHOMEVER YOU CHOOSE!

You are the controlling force of spirited regression to project karmic explosions upon those who have done you wrong... now you can make sure they get what they deserve~

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