A person's spiritual heart is considered the seat of the feelings and feelings convey psychic activity.  However, this is merely a relative and individual dimension of the heart.  There is much more the heart that this.  The detachment for revealing the significance of and the true universal meaning of the Heart is only attainable through the world of individual emotions, or the human soul.  Therefore, the Spiritual heart, named Atman, has no physical or mental dimensions at all and does not express itself other than as a mere transfiguring, spiritual tremor within your physical being.  The heart belongs to God and God is in the heart.  It should not be considered on the same level as the anahat chakra.  This chakra is merely the heart chakra and is the extension of the human heart.  Rather, the spiritual heart is something entirely different.  It is the beat of the universe, the consciousness that beats through us all.  The Spiritual Heart is not just a spark of God; the Spiritual Heart is God manifested in us all.  

It is written in many manifestos that God, or divine force-- whichever one you believe in-- has created us in His image.  All you have to do is conduct a little bit of research to realize this.   The actualization spiritual heart, which is that little bit of God that has been embedded in us all at our creation, is the only way to experience oneness with the universe.  Some might call this enlightenment or ascension, as well.  Whatever you call it, it can take a person well into death to even begin to understand the way the spiritual heart works. This is because the spiritual heart is God and God is the universe.  Therefore to understand all of this would take some serious awakening abilities and powers.  You could conceivably attain this oneness on your own.  You could wake up at 6AM and meditate ALL day until it is time to go to bed.  Fasting is the best way to meditate, so make sure you don't eat anything.  Oh, and don't leave your home to do anything, because this will provide great distractions for you.  Rather just stay put, don't move and concentrate on yourself-- the way your breath, the way you feel, the way all of your energies work together, etc.  Think about it long and hard-- for the next 70 years.  Then, when people forgot what you look like you can emerge from your meditation post, a sickly old person and profess to the world that you have finally found your peace with the world.  You have achieved a Godly awakening of white light powers, a new rebirth and a new beginning of understanding and enlightenment.  I'm sure a few people would care-- or they may try to lock you up in the loony bin. 

Alternatively, you could buy this piece.  When you put this piece on-- you can wear it as the ring it was intended to be or as a pendant on a chain-- it will put you into a trance like state.  Within the first few minutes wearing this piece, your spiritual heart, your umbilical chord to the God, who created the universe and who is the universe will be awaken with a vengeance.  You will receive ascension like you've never known before.  You will be elevated to the most high and you will gain a full understanding of the universe in its entirety, because no longer will you be a mere human.  You will awakened your inner God gene, the part of our body that is a testament to the fact that we were built in His image-- which "Him" you believe in.  Trust me, all religions come from the same place, so it's all good.  When this self-actualization takes place and your awakening is complete, you will be astounded to find that you will now have the knowledge of a whole range of white light spells, incantation, enchantments, and white magic.  Your full range of psychic abilities will have been set free and they are yours for the taking.  You will be able to close your eyes and see into the universe, to extract and power, ability, or energy that you want.  Basically you exist above life as you know it.   I mean, you could always just sit in that room for 70 years if you wanted, but I'd wager not.  

The piece you are getting is the one that is pictured in the listing.  It is a heart that is covered up by two hands to signify that your spiritual heart is currently hiding.  No worries, though, because that is all about to change for you!  Prepare for earth-shattering enlightenment!  Enjoy! 
Steve wrote this up and what he did not know is that this piece serves two purposes. This ring is sterling and it does open up. You may bind any type of magic to you using this piece.  To use the piece in this way you will open it up and speak exactly what magic or ability you want and then close it and place it on your finger or chain.
 These are in sterling and are not modern pieces.
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