Nyx is a spirit that is the personification of the night. He gives birth to daughters. They are called Keres. Keres spirits are very rare to have, partially due to the fact they are extremely elusive and merely just because they are rare.

Such daughters of Nyx include Moros (doom), Ker (violent death), Thanatos (death), Hypnos (sleep) and the tribe of Oneiroi, or dreams. Other offspring include Momos, Oizys, Nemesis, Apate and Geras. They are mistery, envy, deceit and old age, respectively.

The Keres are form vampires, called dooms. They laid in wait at the foot of Heracles' shield, waiting for him to enter battle so they could snatch up the bodies of nearly dead victims, drinking deep of dark blood that Heracles' victims had to offer. Afterwards, they'd use their long claws to collect the souls of their victims and drag them to Hades.

These types of spirits are VERY rare to get.. and this piece will help you summon the spirit of a Keres, who will be birthed through the stones that are attached, in the earrings!

Don't be worried either. This piece is not dark in connotation. Actually, quite the contrary. We have blasted and packed the earrings with divine white sustenance that completely reorientated the powers of the Keres that it will birth for you.

These will birth a white light Keres from Heracles shield. She will "drag" you towards supreme protection and divination. She will save your soul and transform you into a powerful white light being. Additionally, you can use these to seek retribution over your enemies. You will also gain extreme white light powers. You will also gain the ability to illuminate and charm the minds and spirits of others.

There was a pendant available and it sold and connected quickly to the buyer -- Lindy had this pair of earrings that were empowered the same way -- and is now releasing them for sale.... after these are gone this conversion of energy will be all but impossible to fornicate!

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