KEY TO THE ADVANCED 4TH DIMENSION This piece holds a dimensional port that will grant you access to the fourth dimension~! The fourth dimension is one of curvature. It is gravity and it is time~! To get to gravity, euclidean dimensions stop working. Minkowski takes over, and we are lead into non-euclidean geometries. Some of the early forbearers of this conception, were people like Sacherri, the Jesuit Priest and Gauss Riemann, Einstein, Kaluza and Klein. It is very important to take in the whole gammut, of the geometries, right from euclidean to topological formations. These elements are all variables that are transitioned into this one of a kind item! You will be able to meet 4-D creatures and beings and this experience is AMAZING, as you are able to elevate to where the world will one day be. In our 3-D world, evolutionary mechanisms made us evolve into tubes. The earliest multi-celled sea creatures were tubes that could pump water through and pick up nutrients from the water as it went by. As life evolved, the primary structural differences involved the complexity of organs attached to the tube. We are still just tubes, but we carry a lot of that ancient sea around with us in the "inside" of a bag. In higher dimensions, the fraction of volume near the surface of a bag-like form increases dramatically compared to 3-D forms. Heat dissipation and movement of nutrients and oxygen (most of the blood vessels uniformly distributed through the bag will be close to the surface too) may be strongly affected by the proximity of the volume to surface. How would this affect the evolution of life? Would primitive 4-D beings evolve so that they digest on the outer surface, with other organs, like brains and hearts not involved with nutrient an oxygen acquisition, deep inside? The outer surface would be digestive and pulmonary, and contain sense organs and orifices for excretion and sex. Is this tendency more likely as the dimension of the space increased? Huge advancements are peril to how we live today -- this is unknown by many and you will hold the power to see beings an life forms that are beyond us! ** This is a full access portal that will allow you to obtain amazing powers, as you will be able to attribute your knowledge back to our third dimension --- you will be one of only a select few who will have any knowledge of this, and especially access to the dimension itself~!
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