Killer Womb-<br /><br />

This holds the still birth of a vampire baby that was miscarried. The intoxication of energies were already united at this point and so the center that was placed into a ring setting holds all the usual powers that a vampire is born with -- and this passes them on to you !<br /><br />
This will also implement many other abilities, strengths and powers to you -- including: hypnotic ability,mind rolling,increased sexual desire, and the ability to pass all gained powers on to others!<br /><br />
This will allow you to be a transformationalist, projecting a pact of empowered beings around you.<br /><br />

You also will gain a renewed soul that can ignite you on the astral plane to bring you potential longevitiy of life and carry your powers forward upon all layers of the Universe.<br /><br />

This is an amazing item... with the birthing of an immortal creatures powers -- this is in 14kt gold and one of a kind~!!<br /><br />

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