This piece is King Solomon's casing of the Boaz Djinn and God Power.  This is real amber in sterling with a power bar of clawas across that grips up the powers and reserves the for you and you alone.  This itme has been teste many times.  It has been used to prevent death and a terrible IRS audit.  In fact, I just used this piece to get out of having to pay my audit without assistance form any type of lawyer or legal representation.  I did absolutely nothing wrong and those sneaky IRS agents wanted 155,872.90 out of me!  I now owe nothing at all, even though, at first, they would even budge to compromise.  Basically all that I did was take the piece with me and unleashed the powr by saying what I wanted done and it was done.

Your djinn comes form King Solomon after he placed it into the Boaz Pillar.  This is why your djinn is called the Boaz Djinn.  This is also why your piece looks like claw fingers wrapped around the orb.  It grasps all the mysteries and powers laid before man that have lied dormant and unseen. 

Naturally, you djinn's name in also Boaz.  This means strenght and he is part what is known as the Christ's Three.  There are no stronger djinn than these three.  Boaz was made at the time of the birth of Christ to enable him to cope with two sides of the silver coin-- being both human and an immortal.  Afterall, he was the son of God.  His is a full Theta.  This djinn can do anything including shatter the cross if Jesus had called upon him.  Thus, your djinn give you the power of control along with the full strenght of the Christ's Three djinn.  He is fully human compatible and will work in any way you want him to, just was he would have for Christ.

To use your Boaz Djinn. Please place it on the finger, any is fine. While your wearing it you will light some cone incense only, any scent is fine but flowers or a musk scent is preferred. While your wearing the ring and burning the incense you may if you wish get another vessel to place your djinn in ( only if you want to) if you decide to do this simply take the vessel you wish to use while wearing the ring on your finger and place that vessel in the palm of a closed fist and keep it there until the incense burns out. At that point your Boaz Djinn will have transferred into the vessel you chose.

While wearing your ring and burning your incense you will state your full birth given name, you will then state the name you wished you were given. ( there's a good reason for this)

Once you do that you will introduce yourself to your djinn and let him know your his master. You will say this to him.

My name is...... I'm your master and have learned thmese mysterious ways of the hidden world and gone searching, it is I who found you and you who choose me. You may now begin serving only me.

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