Indian Governance from Kips Castle Kips Castle is noted as a place that is known for its horror stories. It was said that a Satanic Cult lived in the castle... where they performed full Black Masses and Sacrifices. My friends mother, Marge, worked for a local food store, and she states that they were part of some religious cult. They would shop, wearing red hooded cloaks and religious or sacrilegious medallions on chains. They would hand shopping lists to the department managers without speaking and the managers would prepare their orders for them. These creeps scared the hell out of the employees. One day we worked up the courage to interact with this clan. The castle was set back from the road. Stone walls blocked off the property. There was a type of stone structure that had rusted chains, so we worked our way through the woods, instead of walking up the driveway. When we made it ot the top of the driveway, you could see a beautiful view of Manhattan. ~ There were no people, and no cars! We convinced Steve to enter the castle through the front door, as the rest of us stood guard in the driveway. As he entered the door closed behind him. I caught sight of a figure in a ceremonial cloak on the top of the roof, at the peak of what resembled a steeple. The next thing I know, he raises his arms and take aim at me with some sort of rifle.... now I am not the fastest runner, but I busted my ass to get out of there --- there truly is something to "running for your life." Steve came running out from the castle screaming and running; thank God he was alive! They then sent big dogs out after us.. we all ran away like a bunch of sissies.. I can still hear the dogs barking and the shots being fired. Due to the distance, and bad aim, the shots never hit us. We continued running for about 2 miles til we made it to the road. Deedee wanted to go back and we didn't want to get shot at... so she convinced Shine to go with her. They were able to sneak in.. disguised in red cloaks, that they made, and found out that the castle was owned by a king from India. This was his secret headquarters in the United States! They were able to locate a room filled with amazing jewels -- and pocketed a few of the pieces. They knew they couldn't take much without it being noticed that it was missing right away. The formation of power from the Indian King showcased his rising son benefits of power, and these pieces hold the fury of his strength and energy. Radiating factors of his enchanted life is willed into these pieces. However, we only have one left. It will bring forth ultimate powers of wealth and fame. It will secure riches for you from the astral realms and lead all your endeavors towards the ranks of success. You will receive fame in whatever route your life takes you, whether this is fame in your community or as a national star. This piece will also grant you wishes-- but only three. Be careful what you wish for because you can and will get it!!

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