The kiss of the bewitched is like letting your ruby lips inhale the intoxication that is all theirs,their power,their breath and their energy. But there is so much more to these pieces of which I only have two. FLorence Newton a witch of the middle ages was one of the only real ones that held power. Forget the silly witch trials they were all about money and stealing land,this witch was real.


Florence knew the secret of the other worlds magic,how to bewitch with a kiss. She could throw one like a Ninja star or make contact with the lips or cheek. It didn't really matter,what mattered was the out come.

Do you seek to see the stars as you make that lip contact and do you seek for the person getting that kiss to become bewitched by you,to always desire you like a drug? DO you wish to inhale the life force they breathe so that you may feel their energy deep inside of you like a penis on a mission? If you do,this Medusa is for you!

Medusa as the legend goes could turn a man to stone but is that what it really meant? Why the snakes all over her head,what does that refer to?

To turn a man to stone means you have full control over him. The snakes represent the Garden of Eden when a serpent caused sexual desire and the woman to have all control. Yet she could squash him with her heel!

This is one of the most potent items there is for taking control of a man both physically and sexually along with all the mental aspects of it. You don't need to want the man,maybe he did you wrong,maybe he is with another woman or maybe you just want to take him to bed and run your hands down his back!


What ever your desire is,bewitch him with Medusa magiic. To kiss him is to gain it all.

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