Kitora Kofun

This piece comes from our correspondent, Adita, who specializes in all things paranormal and supernatural occurring in Asia. She's a very reliable source, and thus far a provided some very useful and powerful elements and information. So, when she sent me this piece from Japan, I did not hesitate in believing that what she had sent me was the real deal.

This piece is unique because it is an original Japanese implementation for spiritual travel. There aren't too many of these around, but we were lucky enough to obtain it, thanks to Adita's hard work and perseverance in obtaining the piece. Now, you may or may not have heard of it, but this piece contains an exclusive power found in a Japanese chamber tomb. It isn’t exactly the Egyptian Pyramids, but displays the same concept, is just a powerful, and will work just as well.

The particular chamber tomb we obtained our power from is known as the Kitora Kofun. It was constructed sometimes between the 7th and 8th centuries, but was only discovered by archaeologists in 1983. The tomb, approximately 1 meter in height and width and 2.4 meters long, was just big enough for one person. Now, anyone who has considerable experience knows that size doesn’t matter, and such is the case with the Kitora Kofun.

Adita, curious as to what exactly was going on with the Kitora Kofun, decided to take a trip to Japan to see is she could find our more about the tomb. She couldn’t obtain permission from the preservation force that had declared the tomb a national historical landmark, so she waited until nightfall and snuck. You know, we recruit the best... our people stop at nothing. Once she got in, what she found was a secret even older than the Japanese tomb she just snuck into to. Of course it was tight fit, but Adita didn’t mind, she was determined.

Etchings of the four sacred gatekeepers of the North, South, East and West elaborately adorned the walls of the tomb. On the ceiling of the tomb, there was an ancient star chart, depicting all of the holy constellations, that the ancient Japanese believed to be gods themselves. Finally, there were paintings on the wall of the Zodiac animal heads with human bodies. Now, at this point, you’re probably wondering, “Okay, so what’s your point?”

My point is this, Adita and her group were actually able to determine that this tomb was not merely an ancient tomb. It was an ancient Japanese soul chamber, exhibiting the might powers and magic of past Japanese dynasties. The chamber even held the powers of past members of the Imperial House of Japan. Adita and her group of researchers were able to hold a séance on site, conjuring the spirits of the past, and infusing them into the piece that you can notice above.

First and foremost, we were able to channels the spirits of the four Japanese gatekeepers, allowing you the ability of astral travels, and gaining you entrance into the spiritual realms. The gatekeepers will guide your journey, and protect you, giving you the power of their ancient powerful magic. Additionally, the secrets of the Japanese Zodiac will be given to you, opening up your psychic ability and give you the ability to receive divine prophecy from the primeval Orient spirits. As for the human bodies with the heads of beasts? Their significance is the body becoming one with the spiritual essence of the natural world. With their power, we were able to obtain spiritual divination, fully maximizing our spiritual abilities, such as communicating with the spirits of all times, receiving messages from spirits, etc.

Once Adita sent the piece to us , we ran several tests on the piece, not that we had doubts, because her stuff is serious. We were, however, able to confirm that the piece she provided us with gives the full abilities as described in the previous paragraph. You will receive the piece you see above. This one has the head of Medusa and the body of a cat,it is very old. We have placed it on a chain for you and added some decor. This is a very powerful piece that you will feel as soon as you place it on. I usually do not keep much because my house would become nothing but items but this one I'm thinking of keeping. We shall see.
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