Have you ever noticed how animals are able to get across what they need even though they cannot actually talk to us?

We have impaction bonds with our animals, thus making them parts of our families -- however we do not understand everything they wish for us to know.

We came across a shrew in Salem who calls upon the energies of animals to redistribute their powers and knowledge. She showcased that although their brains are small, they are incredibly intelligent and even understand things that humans do not get.... thus she had invoked several pieces that will encompass you to be blessed with the facets of power and energy that will impart the wisdom and ability to communicate fully with any animal... this is amazing to be able to pull the thoughts of your pets forward and truly know what they are thinking.... and want to tell you!!

This was faceted for impetus use in residential households... this is to help you understand your cat(s).

I do not know about you but I have a cat, Aurora, who is my little girl! She is awesome and such a sweetheart.... when I used this piece to test it, I was shocked by some of the things she was thinking and saying..she has a bit of a Princess attitude~! I always knew she thought she ruled the house -- but I didn't know she was such a priss... it was very entertaining to use this, and I would have actually liked to keep this, but with my baby and partner in the house I already have a ton of comments and opinions, that one more would just drive me batty.

If you want a connection with your favorite feline like you have never experienced before, then this is your piece!!

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