Ever wish you could give anyone a background check at anytime? Want to know if that new person in your life is all they make themselves up to be? Well then is definitely the piece for you!<br /><br />

This piece enables its wearer to see into the past and future of any person the wearer so chooses. The powers held within this piece were developed by an ancient order of wizards who were very selective of who they accepted into their order. They would use this magic to see into a potential inductee's past and future, to be sure they weren't sent to undermine the wizards' work, or steal their unique magical secrets. <br /><br />

Because the special magic allowed viewing of both the past and future, they were able to see any past events that could show the potential inductee's true colors, as well as see into their future, looking for any future events caused by the inductee that would potentially cause their ancient order to be discovered by the rest of the world, or even destroyed by the inductee in question.<br /><br />

After a long while the ancient order was forced to disband because of a lack of those skilled in the magical arts had overcome the world. They would only call to those worthy and skilled enough in the ways of magic, and once the ways of magic were beginning to be forgotten by most in this realm, the secret order decided it was time to go on to the next realm, in search of new magics and spells beyond even their comprehension. Before they left this plain of existence, they left behind several rare pieces that encompassed their various abilities and powers. So imagine our amazement when we came across this piece! <br /><br />

To gain the rare gifts this piece offers to its wearer, one must call upon the ancient order by way of communication through realms. Because the piece was blessed with their power, this has been made easier for you than it sounds. All you have to do is while wearing the piece, find a quiet, dark room, sit down somewhere on the ground, and light three candles. Place one candle directly to your left, one directly to your right, and the last one directly in front of you. These candles each represent the past, present, and future. Now that each candle is in place and lit, repeat this line in your mind three times."Lo ancient order of the secret ways, from far beyond the current days, release me from my mortal daze, reveal my path and remove the haze." After the ritual is completed, allow one to two days for the powers to settle themselves with your mind. <br /><br />

To use your new powers, all you must do is stare at the person who's past or future you wish to see, and touch your hand to the piece. Your mind will begin to flood with visions of their past deeds, or future events where they play a main roll. Never question the loyalties of friends again! See if your significant other plans on staying faithful! The possibilities with this piece are truly endless. Be aware that visions of the future can possibly be subject to change depending on the person who's future you are viewing, and revealing your own future is forbidden. Become a master of premonition with this piece, and be more than ready for whatever the future may bring! This is a truly a rare and one of a kind piece, don't loose the opportunity to own such an uncommon magical item!

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