According to ancient Greek mythology, Athena was the daughter of Zeus and his first wife, Metis, whose name meant "wisdom." Metis warned Zeus that their first son would be more powerful than Zeus himself, which agitated Zeus so much that when Metis became pregnant he swallowed whole Metis and their unborn child. This gave him a headache, which he cured by splitting his head open with an axe. (Zeus may have been powerful but he wasn't necessarily smart.) From the wound came forth Athena, fully grown.<br /><br />

One of Athena's precursors was the Eye Goddess of Neolithic peoples. The wide staring eyes of the Eye Goddess were all-seeing and all-knowing. Along with being the goddess of wisdom and warfare, in ancient Greece Athena was also known as an eye goddess and was described as the "flashing eyed." The large almond-shaped eyes of Owls have areligious significance and thus brought forth the gift of sight and knowledge to these creatures, from Athena.<br /><br />

The owl became Athena's attribute or mascot. According to the mythology, Athena at times also took the very form of her owl. The owl species depicted in these amazing Athenian Owls is the Athena Noctua.<br /><br />

The owl, then as today, was a symbol of wisdom. <br /><br />

The serenity of Athenas born insight and ability to understand and forecast everything gave her great advancement, yet left her fearful of her death, as people wanted to capture her and use her abilites for unjust causes.<br /><br />

The emerald eyes of these pieces were from Athena's headpiece that she was noted to wear all the time. It was found, after her death... and the power in it radiated -- this led to the research of the stones, realizing that her strength and gifts that she passed to her mascot pet, the Owl, were within the gems.<br /><br />

We were extremely lucky to retrieve a handful of these magnificent stones. To honor Athena's powers, we had them cast into Owl pins, where the stones symbolize the eyes.<br /><br />

These are extraordinarily rare and the blessings will flood those who adorn the pins. You will be given foresight of all the years ahead and will also be blessed with the ability to know the truths of the past, and what is to come in the future.<br /><br />

Others will not be able to know of your abilities and so there is no need to be fearful to have one of these enchanted pieces.<br /><br />

~ They will not last!! <br /><br />

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