Knowing the Soul. Did you ever want to know what it looked like? What is it made of and can you actually capture and speak to a spirit of your choice? You can,just check out my Knowing the Soul. There is more info on this too. This piece is great because you get freedom of magic from yourself and you can see the soul. The best item to have for communication with spirits. How these came to be. A decade or so ago scientists were experimenting on the weight of the soul and they took the souls in cans after the people died. They could see that the bodies lost about 2 ounces when they died. This experiment was later abandoned when people complained. Later on a lady got the cans and there was what appeared a silver type residue left inside. She blew this into glass and they hold power of the soul. You can wear these for ability,psychic third eye and telekinetic. Also you may bury them in a grave,near a grave and pick it up the next day and speak to the person that is dead. So these are great for travel to talk to someone famous,your relative or even to call on a spirit and speak to them. To do that you would bury in a pot and name the spirit. They are not bound to you and the main goal is to open your third eye. These are not dirty and have no dirt in them now,what your looking is the soul residue. These are ready to wear now if you want to. These are great to have and very low price. They are very powerful and do work great. The price is love because I have more then one,not because they are hard to work with. We had one buried in Roswell and OMG that was an enlightening experience!
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