HALLS OF ENCHANTMENT Through the teachings, and power, of the Greater Hekhaloth we implanted a portal upon this piece that will enrich you with the sensory empowerment to visit the chambers of mystic meditation. During your meditative journey you will call upon your most blessed God with a mantra, and the mystics will project his consciousness into a spirit-vehicle that will journey into each hall, and he will present a sacred seal to the angel who guards each chamber. This will unlock the relics to all knowledge of our existence to you -- as God will impart the blessings upon you through his vindications of ecstasy. Any question you have ever had will be able to be answered, you will carry the enriched answers and reasoning's of why things have occurred how they have -- we do not understand why things happen as they do... and how God would allow such things... this is your chance to establish an understanding... through this represented piece of Holy Divinity~! THIS IS A WHITE LIGHT MEDITATION PIECE. IT CAN BE WORN AS A NECKLACE OR CARRIED ON THE BODY AND CONCEALED. EITHER WAY, THE MANIFESTATION OF THIS PIECE IS EXTREME!! GET READ FOR EXTREME ENLIGHTENMENT!!
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