Kamakhya's Vulva

Kamakhya's Vulva

This piece was taken to the temple in Assam in northeastern India.  The temple belongs to a Tantric goddess who presides over the famous shrine.  The shrine is one of fifty-one Shakti Peethas, but is by far the most powerful of the bunch.  The Shakti Peethas are the holy shrines that are located where the different part of Kamakhya's body fell.  Thus, these temples are called Kamakhya shrines as well.

The Kamakhya Shrine is on an especially sacred ground for two reasons.  It is the exact spot where Kamaykhya engaged in sexual delights with Shiva while she was still alive.  It is also the exact location that her vulva fell when her body fell to Earth.  Kamakya is the spirit of women's generative powers... and of death.  I know that sounds a little bit counter-productive, but it works.  Basically she is the goddess of Tantric Sex.  She is the goddess that presides over ghostss and spirits.  Thus, she has full control over the banishment of of evil spirits, malevolent ghosts, the walking dead, and all other things that are dark in nature.  She if often summoned to rid a place or a person of evil spirits, demons, etc.

Not to take away from her powerful banishment energies, but her prinicipal power is the one that is the most intriguing.  Her altar is the highest seat of Tantricism.  Thus, this piece will release the highest form of Tantric sexual energies to you.  Believe it or not,  Tantric Sex was never about mastering all types of difficult sex positions like the Kama Sutra.  Nor, was it a way to gain a closer connection to our partners.  These facets of the magic are just added for your enjoyment.  The origins of Tantric Sex involve tapping your inner God to release its powers and to relinquish the hold that human mortality has on your soul.

This piece will give you full range of Tantric Sex energies.  Yes, this piece will allow you to have the most fun, ass-spanking, orgasmic, toe-curling, back-scratching, hair-pulling, shoulder biting, sweaty, hot sex that you have ever experience.  It will allow you to develop a connection with your lover that will allow you to bang on the astral plane, to experience a spiritual orgasm and to connect at the soul and not just in the flesh.

However, it will also produce a sexual alchemy that will awaken your inner god or goddess.  This will manifest your true powers-- whatever your destiny determines you to be the god and/or goddess of.  I can't really tell you what powers and abilities you will gain with this piece, because everyone's inner god/goddess is different.  Spiritually, we were all born with these powers within us.  Unfortunately, the only ones that have been able to obtain god/goddess supremacy are the ones that we already revere.  The rest of us were left in our mortal, human state of inefficiency.  However, this piece will change all that for you!!
Okay, so let's recap.  You will gain white light energetic abilities that will allow you to banish and rid yourself, places, and other people of all evil and demonic beings and entities.  Next, you are being given the sexual opportunity of a lifetime.  Finally, you are being given the ability to awake your inner god or goddess!  This will fulfill your divine destiny, allow you to transform into whatever god or goddess it was in your destiny to be!!  Kamakhya happens to be one of the most powerful goddesses.   These powers are her gifts to human kind.  This piece embraces them in a full union of 100% pure power!  


Kamakhya's Vulva
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