Karttikeya is a complex, mysterious, powerful spirit. Under the name Skanda or Murugan, he is the most beloved deity in modern southern India. <br /><br />

Karttikeya is lord of war and patron of thieves but also a great yogi, brilliant philosopher and masterful spiritual adept. Karttikeya is usually described as the son of Shiva and Parvati but variations of his myth exist. Ganesha is his brother. <br /><br />

Karttikeya means “related to the Krittikas” and refers to the six Krittikas, the goddesses who raised him. In one version, they find and raise the baby. In another version, Karttikeya is the result when six of the wives of the Cosmic Seers unknowingly conceive when they bathe in a river in which Shiva’s sperm has fallen. <br /><br />

Subramanian, one of Karttikeya’s names, means “dear to the Brahmins” and yet in southern India and Sri Lanka, Karttikeya is associated with intensely shamanic rites. Fire-walking is practiced in his major Sri Lankan shrine. <br /><br />

Request Karttikeya’s blessings and assistance: <br /><br />


  • Before traveling, especially abroad<br /><br />
  • Before academic or entrance exams<br /><br />
  • For protection<br /><br />
  • For enhanced business<br /><br />
  • To avert or eliminate personal or family troubles and disasters<br /><br />


Karttikeya takes many forms. He may have six heads. His hair may form six locks (one lock per face). He is usually depicted with four arms. In his wrathful form, Karttikeya is a lion-man. <br /><br />

Traditional offerings to Karttikeya include milk, fruit, cooked rice, and boiled lentils. <br /><br />

Bring this wonderful artifact, to which Karttikeya’s energy has been bound, into your life if you find yourself in what seems to be a hopelessly disastrous predicament. Karttikeya can turn around the worst situations, allowing you to triumph over adversity of any kind. Whether you are suffering from a serious health problem, if you are in financial difficulty, if a relationship is in trouble, if you have legal issues, Karttikeya will solve them for you. No harm can come to you once you invoke the power of Karttikeya. He will see to it that all of your enemies are vanquished, all suffering is healed. Financial difficulties, relationship problems, work issues will be resolved, seemingly overnight.  Legal issues and court cases will be decided in your favor, without time, trouble or effort on your part. Past problems will be eradicated and all future suffering will be avoided. You will be able to live a happy, fruitful, prosperous existence safe in the knowledge that Karttikeya will keep you from all harm. <br /><br />



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