Katean Wealth Society

I know we have been offering a lot of items that have been doing various powers.  They are powerful in doing this or that, but sometimes you don't want that over the top ability.  Sometimes all you want is something that is going to get you ahead in life.  That is why we have these pieces.  They have been made in a secret ritual ceremony of the Katean Secret Society.  
The Katean Secret Society is one of divine perseverance.  It involves a grueling initiation ceremony that only few can tolerate.  First, they take their initiates into the Katean House through an aperture.  This aperture is in the form of the jaws of a crocodile and the beak of a cassowary.  They must remain in the Katean house for several days, with no food and no water.  During this time, the initiate will have descended into the underworld.  He will be taken to a remote location for two months.  
During that two months, the initiate will battle his demons, to free his mind of any negative or impure thoughts that he might have.  He will remain there alone, apart from civilization.  After he is done battling his own demons and gain his own spiritual enlightenment and growth, he is allowed to return to his family.  At this point he will have become a Katean Society.  
After becoming a member of the secret society, the new Katean member is issued an initiation piece.   The item they get varies depending on what they person wants or what's available.  This piece is a divine wealth item that is created bring extreme wealth in the lives of those who have become part of the Katean Society.  We heard that this is some of the most powerful wealth energy in the world, so we sought out a member of the Katean Society and he took me to their leader.  For respect purposes, I'm not going to state his name, but he told me that the wealth that they get is wealth that has been used since ancient times.  It comes from a ancient spell that the gods gave to mortals a long time ago.  
In old times this piece used to mean abundant harvests and luscious crops.  Translate wealth to these days and it will bring you money in all different forms, from all areas of your life. The cool thing is is that you don't have to do anything differently.  This piece will read your life and bring you wealth in many different forms, in ways that are suitable to your life.  You have to do nothing but wear the item.  
There is nothing else to know about this piece.  The only thing it does is wealth-- extreme wealth.  We have several of these pieces.  I am listing one of them, if you want one,  just know you may not be getting the exact same piece listed.  
Katean Wealth Society
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