Key to the Other Side of the Sun 225.00

We all know that Raviniska walks among the stars and she has brought us back some pretty phenomenal pieces.  This one takes the cake, though.  It is based on the principles of CPT, which suggests that our existence is based on fundamental symmetry.  By this I mean that for every particle there is an anti-particle in space.  For every atom there is an anti-atom.  What does this mean exactly?  It means that we are in our own existence, but there is a mirror image of this existence somewhere in space.  In the case of our galaxy, it exists on a much larger scale.  Just as we live in the universe that we know off, there is a converse reality, well everything things exists totally opposite of what it exists in our side of the fence.  
You might be confused, so let me put this in really simply terms.  We have our sun and everything in our solar system rotates around this sun.  The Sun simply stands still, and gives off energy to the worlds.  This energy is used for different purposes, but I suppose you'd never have thought that our solar system is not the only solar system that it lights up, have you?  The fact is that our existence is totally binary.  Just as our entire galaxy rotates around the sun, there is an opposite universe that also rotates around the sun.  It is not an exact mirror image of our own.  It's actually better than that.  It is an opposite universe, an anti-universe that is kind of like a mirror image except everything about you in this life is opposite there.  
This piece was not actually taken from the energies of the celestial beings, like most of the stuff Raviniska brings to us is.  Rather, she caught wind of a project that was being underwent by an association known as CERN.  CERN is a European operation that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world.  Though they are quick to deny rumors, they have been able to develop a very small black hole.  In actuality that is really all that is needed.  Raviniska has actually seen the black hole after studying and assuming the form of one of the scientists on the project.  She was able to extract the energy from the black hole and set it into a piece that has a similar affect.  
Our exist in totality, if you could see it from outside of our own solar system, looks like an hour glass.  It is binary form of existence that is joined together by one central sun.  Whatever exists on this side of the Sun, also exists on the other side of the Sun.  Like I've told you before, this is not an exact mirror image, but rather an opposite.  Anything that you have experience on this world will be opposite there.  For instance, since we exist in imperfection on this side, we are perfect on the other side.  Since we are mortal on this side, then were immortal on the other side.  If we are poor on this side, on the other side we'd be rich.  If you are not famous here, you would be famous on the other side.  If you can sing on this side, you'd be a rock start on the other side.  Whatever attribute you can think of about yourself here on Earth, it is opposite on anti-Earth.  I mean there are obviously some exceptions.  You won't go from being black to white or from old to young again, but if you are old and you visit anti-Earth, you will become immortal.  It's just how it works.  
This piece doesn't necessarily create a black hole, because that might be dangerous.  Rather it creates a force field that will pull you through from Earth to anti-Earth.  While you re there you will get to see the unique qualities of living in a world where everything is opposite.  Katy Perry probably lives in the street somewhere, but don't bother looking for her, because in this reality, she not important.  In this world Obama is not the president and Isis doesn't chop off innocent people's heads.  That's exciting right?  Well the most exciting part is that in this world, each and every person exists in total opposite. It's your anti-self.  Therefore, what you can do is collect the energies of the things that you've always wished could come true in your life and make them a reality.  Every one's reality will be different.  
For instance, if you are poor in this world and you want to be rich.  You can visit your anti-self and become wealthy.  If you've always wanted to be a movie star and you aren't in this world, you can visit your anti-self and bring that star quality back with you to the mortal realm.  If you want to be immortal, you can gain that too.  All the beings in the anti-universe are immortal.  If you are dumb as a box of rocks, you can use this piece to go to the anti-universe and experience your intelligent self and bring that intelligence back with you.  If you have small cup sizes and you want to have big ones, then it will do that for you.  The possibilities are literally endless!  You can use this piece to visit your anti-self and get the energy of anything you want to be completely opposite in your life.  For instance, during testing with this piece we had a very large guy test this piece for us.  He went to visit his anti-self, came back and in a few months he had already lost over 100 lbs.  This piece is definitely going to change your life for the better, simply by visit the other side of the Sun.  
Key to the Other Side of the Sun 225.00
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