Keystones to the Guidestones

During one of our previous episodes, Deedee and I traveled to the future.  The year was 6042 to be exact.  We traveled there and found a chest of items with magical powers.  We have passed all these items on to our loyal customers already.  It's okay, though, because we have more!!  Recently, Deedee and I have traveled to the future again, using our own copy of the Arm of Time.  If you remember from the last time, the Georgia Guidestones played a huge role in the future, especially the year 6042 and the whole scheme of population control and a system of total-world governance.<br /><br />

This bracelet holds the keystones to the Guidestones.  They are valuable stones with energetic properties that tie into the Guidestones and give the person who is using them the true revelation of the Guidestones.  The energy of all five of these rocks and gems works together to create a forcefield that uplifts the soul and puts it in a place to receive controversial secrets.  These are secrets that up to this point in existence, the year 2012, have yet to be solved.  It is the very secret that holds the reason why 6042 appears the way it appears.  It the core of why the blue horse exists with the blue children nailed to it.  It reveals the true identity of the black hooded figure and the white hooded figure, and will open up many spiritual doors for you.  <br /><br />
To use this piece, you must rest the five stones on the area of your forehead representative of the third eye.  It will stir the energy of the third eye, allowing it to open so that way you can fully comprehend the secrets held in this piece.  These secrets are not to be taken lightly and will likely change your opinion of existence and the world.  Listen, Barack Obama recently began assembling a Youth Core of FEMA workers.  Sounds awfully similar to Hitler's Youth Nazis if you ask me.  The time has begun.  Don't get left out in the cold.  Know the truth.  Make this piece yours!!!  <br /><br />
Keystones to the Guidestones
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