King Alex's Griffin

King Alex's Griffin

The Griffin has long been heralded as one of the greatest and most powerful beasts to have ever existed.  While they don't exist in physical form, these creatures not only exist in spiritual form, but also exist in Heaven as the divine guardians of the throne of God.   With the body of a lion and the head of Eagle, sporting wings of incredible expanse, these creatures are considered to be the kings of all beasts and rule over all other powers that any other animal entity possesses.  The Lion is the King of Beast and the Eagle is the King of birds, thus representing all animals of land and sea.  Griffins are the most powerful and have the most spiritually beneficial powers.

While the eagle signifies freedom, it also signifies omniscience as the Eagle can survey mass quantities of information via flying high in the sky, symbolizing that the Griffin in esoterically, levels above all.  This means that the Griffin gives its master an immense spiritual uplifting and enlightenment.  This will give its master the ability of psychic connection and spiritual elevation to the point where the third eye will be open and its master will experience spiritual omniscience!  

The Lion is the ancient guardian of treasure and valued priceless possessions.  It symbolizes divine power and is the guardian of the divine.  The Master of the Griffin will experience an increase in wealth  and good fortune.  The lion aspect of the Griffins existence will seek out the ancient treasures that it has been commissioned to guard and will bring with it the wealth powers that have allowed those who amassed the treasures to become so successfully wealthy.  It will give these wealth powers to whomever its master is!  

This piece holds a Griffin.  However, it is not just any Griffin.  It is one of the Griffins of Alexander the Great.  He is known for his love of Griffins and has been the master of many, charging them with complete control over his divine magic, providence, and expansive wealth.  He was the greatest Greek King to have existed ever.  Under his rule Greece flourished, not only monetarily but esoterically.  His powers have been vested into his powerful guardian Griffins.  The Griffin that is attached to this piece is one of his Griffins.  It is extremely powerful and will bring you extreme wealth and monetary gain.  It will also bring you divine providence whereby you will gain a wealth of knowledge and wisdom including powers, abilities, and magics that were used by Alexander the Great to secure his kingdom and expand his borders!  This Griffin will also be your personal protector, warding off evil and dark entities and attracting only those energies that are white light and beneficial!  This piece is a very powerful piece by its very nature!  Do not miss out on this exhilarating experience!  

**The stones in the eyes and nose were remnants from a piece that Alexander the Great wore daily until his death, where it was stripped off of him and the stones were stolen. These three were part of a collection that a shrew in the outskirts of Greece had, and Emir got them from her. She had them placed into the lion piece, as she said the lion is more powerful than the eagle in the Griffin that comes forth.

King Alex's Griffin
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