Knights of An

Emir sent us this piece for testing.  He sent us the piece after he probed an investigation into an underground brotherhood known simply as the Knights of An.  The investigation is progressively ongoing, so I cannot divulge too much information.  The piece that he sent to us is an initiation piece of the Brotherhood that Emir was able to secure during his own initiation.  The initiation if a process by which the initiate is taken to cavern underground in the desert Iraq.  Emir was taken here, but he told us that even if someone offered him millions of dollars he wouldn't, in any way, be able to remember where they were or how they got there.  To outsiders, it all just looks the same.  The cavern is called the Palace of Immortals-- and as far a Emir could tell, it is a re-entry point chamber for spirits and souls that have already left the mortal realm and wish to re-enter.  More aptly, one could call it a door between our realms and others.  I know, it's interesting stuff!!  That's just the tip of the iceberg.  

Emir was taken down into the palace, where the Brotherhood performed his initiation rites. The initiation was done using the blood of a serpent that was poured into a copper pot and boiled over a fire that was so hot that it turned a pale blue color.  Emir could feel the ground shake as the Spirit of the Ancient Sumerian God An was let into the serpent and then the serpents blood was let into the pot during a sacrificial blood-letting rite.  

Once the blood was boiling rapidly, Emir noticed a the silhouette began to take form as the blood began to congeal and turn into the piece that you see here.  Now, a solid piece (as you can clearly see), Emir sent it to us.  This item holds an ancient knowledge from the Sumerian God An.  It is given to all initiates of the Knights of An and contains the deepest darkest secrets of the ancient race.  Each person receives, along with the knowledge of this ancient form of magic and alchemy one additional type of power.  The power that this piece holds is the ability create realms. 

With this piece you be able to indulge in a host of powers.  First and foremost, you will be able to call upon the Pantheon of Ancient Sumer for their powers-- anything ranging from wealth to raising the dead to asking for a white light blessing, or gaining vengeance over an enemy.  This piece literally can summon an God or Goddess from the Pantheon and it will do so effectively.  Additionally, you can use this piece to create your own realm.  You can create realms to store up souls, or hold powers that you've created with your item or other items.  You can create realms to get away to or to replicate any point in time along the space-time continuum.  You can put a moment or memory into the realm, or use the realm to seal out negativity.  It is up to you what you do with the power; but it is there and it is very potent.  I mean, it's a potent as you thinking of the realm you want to create and it is duplicated into existence.  The other powers go as I told you-- you conjure the presence of the Gods from the Pantheon simply by meditating on their name!   

I just want everyone to know that this piece is EXTREMELY, EXTREMELY RARE and we will only be getting one of them.  IF you want this piece, I recommend doing so before it is gone!! 
Knights of An
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