Knock, Knock, Who's There?

Knock, Knock, Who's There?

A Knocker is a type of Kobold... they live deep in mines and are good-natured spirits, which point out to miners where the rich veins are by using knocking sounds~!

There technique is where they get their name. Although they are friendly spirits they like to play strange tricks from time to time on the miners.... they change their faces to scare them, or perform strange dances.

The miners must leave part of their food for the Knockers or they become mad and that would be bad luck. The Knockers originate from Cornwall but they are also known as Coblynau or Buccas in Wales.

This piece used to belong to a Miner and it houses the spirit of a Knocker known as Shenk. Shenk will progress the knocking sounds that he used to erupt for Mike, the former Miner, but will implore the sounds to generate a connection that will enforce good business opportunites an endeavors for you!

He simply just wants a home where he can relax and bond with someone. If you will allow him into your home, he will bless you with imperative riches, as he will be the key to the phrase "when opportunity comes a knockin'" --- this is a very cool -- and Shenk will connect with you quikcly, as he surely is not shy.

He will become a great friend, who will love to harrass you, but more importantly help you succeed~

Knock, Knock, Who's There?
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