Kubera's Token of Wealth

Kubera's Token of Wealth- <br /><br />

Kubera is the King of the Yakshas, the god of wealth. Kubera is widely known as the gods appointed guardian of the treasures of the gods and the nine special treasures of indefinite significance. But he is also the King of Yakshas and one of the Ashta-Dikpalas, representing the north direction.<br /><br />

This piece was found by Adita and it holds the crystal that showcases the powers of the nine treasures. There is no ritual needed; you simply need to wear the piece and within a few days your mind will be filled with information of yesterdays that will bring you magical assurance of significant bliss. <br /><br />

Not much more can be said --- the opportunities of wealth and success powers are limitless with this extraordinary piece!<br /><br />

Kubera's Token of Wealth
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