La Nena de la Mer -<br /><br />


All mermaids have that one best friend, regardless of whether that is a human, a spirit, or a fish.  Just like the Little Mermaind, the mermaid in this piece had a best friend who happened to be soul that manifested itself as a fish.  They just don't give you the truth to the backstory that preempted the so called fairytale.  This pin is symbolic of the spirit that that acts as a medium and will summon the mermaid that brings about the powers that are in this piece! 

I got this piece in Mexico a couple of years ago, while visiting my best friend, Heather's father.  He moved there because he fell in love with a Mayan native and opened his own business.  It was only natural that that Heather would book a flight and TELL me that I was going, rather than asking if I wouldn't mind accompanying her.  Anyway, I ended up going with her to see her father. <br /><br />

While I was there, her (what I guess I would describe as her) Stepmother gave me this piece.  Now, her step mom was very folkorish and believed in demons and witches and spirits and so on and so forth, so we got along fabulously.  Before I left, she gave me this piece and informed me that it was inhabited by the spirit of an ancient mermaid whom she calls la Nena de la Mer... or the lady of the sea. <br /><br />

I was eager to get testing.  So when I brought this piece home I began testing right away, but couldn't contrive a way to activate its powers.  I put it on the back burner for awhile, as I dismissed its power because I could figure out a way to make it work.  That was until recently, when I was on a trip to Wildwood, New Jersey with my family.  There is an antique place near the hotel we stay at in Jersey, so I decided if nothing else, maybe I could cash in on the pieces antiquity.  I shoved the piece in my pocket, though, and forgot about it.<br /><br />

When we got to Jersey an incredible thing happened.  I was so hot that I ran from the car, straight into the Ocean at which point the salt water had a reaction with the piece, turning me into a merman.  So, I had finally figured out the way to activate the magic.  You have to have the piece on your person, while submerging your body in salt water.  Well, not even submerging your entire body, because the only way to deactivate the piece's power is to completely dry yourself of any salt water.<br /><br />

I really have no interest in being a merman, so I am passing this piece onto someone who might.  With this piece you will exhibit the power to morph into form of a merperson, and exhibit and all powers associated with a merperson.  You will inherit the kinetic ability of hydrokinesis, being able to control all aspects of the water.  <br /><br />

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