Most of you have heard of the legend of the Sphinx and how you would be devoured if you could not solve the riddle. This was to only let certain people who were smart enough to pass into the city. Devouring was not being eaten but rather being made dumber then you already were. The lady is a spiritual guide known as Maibe. Maibe would take certain people into the Sphinx to see the great city. But what is the great city? The great city was nothing but a living and moving dimension that you would watch and it was real. The Sphinx held time,records off all life on this planet and on others. It was a chosen place where all living things could keep a record of time and experience,things that happened and things that were created. This included the creation of other planets,heavenly beings both fallen and enlightened,humanity and the break down of Gods in their various places. It told of the legends and how and where they stemmed from. It was a library of the universe. This was a place where all questions could be answered and knowledge could be had with out hurting the mind of those viewing it. Many of you may have had experience with the Akashic records but this is nothing like that. Viewing ones records is always safeguarded because of how it can effect the mind. This is safe because it opens the mind to where an understanding is available. You learn all you can from history to magic from all places. This is one of my favorite pieces because of all you learn but can also take with you and use. One of my favorites things was learning why blood magic works so well. I learned why blood is so important and also that much of the blood magic is done completely wrong!! People use blood thinking it is calling spirits or just a needed additive but that was so wrong. Blood is needed because it is a force of all its own and it is alive,thus making the magic come to life and work! I also learned about the living oracles which I found so fascinating! To use this piece is very easy,simple wear it when you want to use it and prepare to be amazed!
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