Two summers ago I was on vacation at the beach in Ocean City. My uncle owns a vacation home on the shore, complete with its own dock! I was overjoyed to learn he was willing to loan me the home for a week, and I was more than ready to have a great vacation! Arriving at the vacation home I was nothing less than excited to see what the place had to offer. It was a big place, bigger than what I had originally thought it was going to be, complete with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a huge living room space with its own kitchen. I made myself at home and retired to one of the bedrooms. <br /><br />

The next morning I awoke just before the sunrise. I made myself a hot cup of coffee and decided to walk to the end of the dock to see the sunrise. A perfect way to begin my vacation. I strolled down to the end of the dock, watching the sun just barley peek over the horizon. I looked out on the water's surface, witch in the morning sun's light looked beautiful, only to focus my gaze on a strange object floating on the surface. The object was catching the tide and coming into shore, and by the looks of it was going to float right up to the dock. Sure enough, it floated just within my reach. The object itself was a lone plank of wood, which seemed extremely old, and must have been out at sea for a very long time. Stuck onthe plank was a piece of rope with a ring attached to it, which in contrast to the plank looked quite new. I took ring, studied it for a minute or two and then brought it inside with me. <br /><br />

Later on in the day and I decided it was time to hit the city and see what I could get into. I had gambling in mind, and Ocean City never has a shortage of casinos. I put on my best clothes and for some strange reason, I decided on wearing the ring. That night was one of the most profitable nights of my life! I literally couldn't loose! Strangely enough my mind kept on going back to the ring with every win. I knew then that this piece had some sort of magical power. This ring grants the wearer the beneficial powers of luck. As long as the wearer keeps it in mind, and wears it with pride, lady luck will stay at your side! Get this piece, and start getting lucky, right now!<br /><br />


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