Lantern of the Soul<br /><br />   

This piece was evoked with an installment of clearance that works to benefit the adorner by allowing a flow of white light power within the blood stream. The energies move along with the natural flow of blood that pumps from the heart; this will bring clarity and purity to the mind.<br /><br />

This is an extravagant piece that works well for a creative person. This is a blessed item that will knock down blockages and take away the negativity of those who do not want you to succeed.<br /><br />

The power comes from a Provincial Mother who housed divine sources of light that emerged from prayers that were collected in the church. The embodiment of blessings in this item will help you to focus in on your talents and keep dark and evil entities who want to stop your progression away from you~!<br /><br />

This is great for an artist, writer, salesman, etc., who wishes to progress and not have barriers put up within them --- this also sources light to keep your focus on the pathway of divination while pursuing your goals.<br /><br />


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