This piece holds the spirit of a head vampire named Eloro. She used to wear this piece to protect herself from humans who were out to kill vampires! If someone found out that a vampire was in their town, they immediately would send out a mob to kill them! This piece was her protection from those who would find out about her identity. She did lose her battle one day when she did not have her protection piece with her and was stabbed through the heart... her spirit ensued back to her enriched protection amulet. With this item you will be given all the abilities that Eloro proclaimed within the piece. You will generate strong forces to shape shift and astrally project, and send shocks, through the force field of all energies. With this you will be allotted protection in times of chaos and trouble, and it will also allow you to hold back enemies by enabling the use of the energy power force that is bequeathed in this amulet~ Bring Eloro home and she will ensure you are protected, and if you are trying to hide your occult powers, or identity, she will assist in keeping it unnoticed. Many could benefit from this one!!
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