Levi: Original Egyptian Vampire Powers From the Underworld

This is the final piece that we obtained in our Victorian Era vampire séance. In case you haven't heard, let me just reiterate that our séance was wildly successful, as we were able to pull in four distinct vampires from four separate areas and walks of life. To be honest with you, this is probably the most annoying snots that I've ever met in my life, but he has some pretty bad ass powers, so I tolerated him. He agreed to give me a sample of his powers in exchange for a piece from our collection.

The piece that you see here, embodies the power of a vampire who goes by the name Levi. In fact, that's always been his name. As his name suggests, he comes from an origin that includes great wealth and an overabundance of receiving everything that he has ever wanted. He was spoiled rotten asshole from Oxford, where his parents belonged the upper crust nobility. He became so annoying and spoiled, that his parents couldn't stand him. It was their own fault, true, but they were also used to getting what they wanted, so they sent him away to Cairo... “to study.”

The last straw that really made his parents push him away temporarily is the fact that he stole something from a witch, after refused to sell it to him, even for a large sum of money. She cast a spell upon Levi's mother, causing her never to able to bear children ever gain. So, they were stuck with Levi as the only living bloodline to succeed their estate. They wanted to keep that intact, but they couldn't stand Levi, so this is why they sent him away.

When Levi got to Egypt, he was pretty much partying, raising hell, and banging any hooker he could buy. He was, literally, a royal pain in the ass. This was all about to change though. Claiming his fame and the fact that he could pay the man whatever amount of money he asked for, Levi convinced a local to take him to a secret pyramid that existed on the outskirts of Alexandria. Because the local was a poor peasant and wanted to feed his children, he agreed. He took Levi to the pyramid and helped him navigate his way through.

Upon entering and scoping out the pyramid, Levi found an ancient heiroglypic written in human blood on a slab of pure gold. It was inscripted in a language that Levi couldn't read, not that he was exactly smart or anything. He ordered his guide to recited the glyph allowed. The pyramid began to rumble and the spirits were about to put a blessing on the guide. However, Levi wanted it for his own so he killed the guide.

What Levi didn't know is that along with the blessing came an eternal curse, or maybe to some an additional eternal blessing. His blessing was the power of mind abrogation. With this power, Levi is able to enter the minds of others, stealing their memories and making it blank. It place of these memories he has the ability to write his own memories to insert where the old ones existed. In this way he has a sort of brain control power over others.

The curse is the fact the Levi was sentenced to an eternity of undead servitude to the overlords of the Underworld. He is currently trapped in the Underworld as a lowly servant and this really pisses him off, because used to being served, not serving others. In fact, he is livid because he is not used to this lifestyle. What he's used to is having everything handed to him, but what goes around comes around.

Anyway, for the last two centuries, Levi has been using his powers to delete the minds of very powerful vampires from the Underworld and brainwash them into join his army. His objective? To establish a large enough army with enough power and special ability to mount an attack and seize the helm of the Underworld.

However, in the meantime, we have pulled him through to the human realm, or at least his spirit anyway. With this piece you will invoke the powers of Levi, giving you the powers of mind abrogation and an form of dual core magic that comes from the Underworld. Do not worry about Levi, he has no ability to take control of you, because we have put a negation spell on the piece to keep him contained. He will change you if you desire, because we've given him permission as long as you grant it also. He will give you the ability to travel to the darkest realms of the Underworld to obtain even more powers than what you will already display. This piece is sure to go fast, so make sure if you're interested, you let us know.

This is sterling silver with what we believe to be carnelian stones.
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