This Love candle combines the energy of the sign of passion and desire with the sign of stability and commitment. An exclusive blend of flower and herbal scents has been created to empower your love rituals.<br /><br />

The majestic love ritual that was bestowed on this candle will bring healing meditations to help heal the heart and bring the perfect mate to you, so you will be loved.<br /><br />

This long burning, pillar candle has the infused scent to help elevate your pheromones and showcase to others your pure heart and sexual desires.<br /><br />

Candle spells entail dedication. The first thing that is taught is candle spells evoking visions of the long-ago events.<br /><br />

You will want to lay flat on your bed, facing upwards and completely calm. After calming yourself, think of an important issue in your past that hurt your heart. After envisioning the issue, sit up and light the candle, and lay back down on your bed.<br /><br />

At this time lead your mind back the past memory. Allow your visualization towards the past to be detailed, it must be strong. This event matters to the candle spells magic. Consider all senses: what you saw, who was around you, how the room felt, what was said and your emotions on the inside. Candle spells need to feel the strength of the event.<br /><br />

Candle spells empower the future from past relinquishments. Your mind thinking about a negative aspect of love will trigger the ritual empowerment to instill the aspects of visuals that will grant you success in finding your soul mate now in the present!<br /><br />

This candle ignites the visions of what you didn’t know about your past, clarity for your spiritual journey, and the spiritual path to the present!!<br /><br />

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