There's No Power Like Gnome Power

This piece is the result of an investigation that has been going on for several years. The birth place of these powers is a forest in Germany that is going to remain undisclosed because of the nature of the powers. Heaven forbid that these tiny little friends would ever be encroached upon. I mean, it's not like you'd ever catch them anyway, but their territory must remain sacred.

The piece that you see here contains five distinct powers, each that will work to your advantage to make you a better person spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The power is derived from a group of garden gnomes that we were able to locate and bargain with for their powers. The gnomes are in the family of the Leprechauns. They are cousins to these crafty little fays, so it is important to keep that in mind. They are playful and their powers will reflect that; however do not take this as a weakness because their powers are all original and extremely powerful.

We were able to obtain their powers through a mystical ceremony that proved very fruitful. This piece replicates the existence of a small coven of gnomes that we encountered. They are from an underground city in a realm called Waldorf. The realm existences with our own, but it is way underground. The gnomes are naturally magical and their powers come from the deep Earth springs that they drink to survive. This is their story.


The first gnome that you will be receiving is known as Ambrose. His name is the German derivative of Athos, which is greek for immortal. He lives up to his reputation. When you summon his replication, he will give you the power of original wisdom the realm of Waldorf and the deep Earth springs contained within.

With his powers you will obtain the secrets of a naturally occurring gnomatic power that keeps all the gnomes looking young and beautiful. It's kind of like you have found the fountain of youth, because he will give you a power that is known as natural immortality, which will let you age to a certain point. At this point, you will be in your prime and the power will preserve your body at the time for ages to come.

He gives you the power of heightened sensual awareness, which will enhance all of your perceptions and experiences. This will open up a distinct gnomatic foresight that will allow you to know and identify all mystical creatures and beings. You will also gain the ability absorb the powers of these beings.


The name of the second gnome you are receiving is Tillie. Naturally she is the mother gnome. That means she is a devotion gnome of protection, as is the case with most mother gnomes. She will protect and guide your soul. As her name suggests, she is the “mighty in battle” and will fight all of your spiritual duels for you.

She will enchant your soul with a powerful protection spell. It will keep you safe from all evil entities. It will also allow for a power known as soul expressionism, which allows you to transform your soul into the spiritual elite. You will be able communicate with all spirit entities. This power will open up your psychic abilities. It will either give you or enhance psychic dreaming powers and scrying abilities.


Anselm wears the Helmet of God. He bears the helmet of God in his hands and will give it to you to place on your spiritual head. The powers of the spiritual helmet will encompass your being, merging the powers of Heaven with the being of your soul. This power will give you the ability to summon and utilize angels. They will work on your behalf.

This piece will provide you with the good graces of God. This will provide you with a divine source of luck. It will also provide you with a divine power source that will bring you success wealth, and a flow of divine spiritual blessings. These blessing will cleanse your karma and aura. Once you are cleansed, you will experience an even higher spiritualism and religious ritualism, including stigmata and supernatural proephecy.


This girl is one hot tamale. She is a spicy, sultry sex vixen. She holds the egg of lust and fertility. She will stop short of nothing to provide complete and totally toe curling sexual satisfaction for you. Reverse cowboy, doggie style, missionary, or spooning... it doesn't matter because she... is... a... FREAK!!

Her name is literally translated as seductress. She is intensely alluring and will make your bed rock. She will make your knees shake and your body tremble. She is good at spawning a higher level astral orgasm, and believe me when I say, you will most likely feel like an atom bomb exploded in your pants. She will take you all night long, to places you never been before. She will take you longer, harder, deeper, and stronger. She will be like your own personal prescription of extra strength Viagra, or Cialis if your a woman. Yeah, that's right, she's bisexual and isn't afraid to show it; so ladies, feel free!!

Finally, she will also increase fertility levels. I'm not making any guarantees, but when I was investigating this piece, the lady with whom I was testing it with nearly doubled her fertility rate. My sperm count tripled. This gal is pretty incredible.


She is the baby gnome; but just as powerful. She is a fun, fearless little gnomette. She is only about six inches tall, but do not let her size fool you. She packs a powerful little magic punch. As you can probably guess by her name, she is a fantasy gnome. Accordingly, she unlocks the powers of the mind and imagination.

When you wear her piece, your mind will be taken higher. It will be extremely enlightened-- higher than ever before. She will unlock your inner child, which will give you the ability of Imagination Augury. This allows you to bring out your inner most desires to life. It makes your feelings and longings real and tangible. If you want to fly with unicorns or swim with dolphins you will. It also gives you the ability to create entities, creatures, beings, and realms.

This last gnome concludes the chronicle. I put my complete stamp of approval on all of the powers that are discusses above. They run like clockwork and will give you an amazing edge in the world of alchemy. You will receive the piece that you see here that contains the powers of the five gnomes of Waldorf.

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