LILITH'S LOVE QUEST With this piece you will obtain an assurance of sexual appeal. You will get the attention you desire and touch you need! Lilith's allure has been conjured into this piece and through calling her forth you will gain her seductive mannerisms to generate any man, or woman, you desire! This has been tested by women and men, straight and gay, so this will work for anyone~! You will need three candles to use when bonding with the piece, these are not included... as you can use any candles! Light the candles and place them in the shape of a triangle, that is big enough for you to sit within. Then sit in the middle, hold the piece in your hands and invoke Lilith by saying: "Lilith, the succubus who seduces everyone into her power, I ask you to help me attract men/women from this hour." Then wear the item, and keep it on for 24 hours -- this will erupt the supply of the goddesses seductive powers... and this will attract those you are attracted to towards you, and you will have sex in your hour of need! Thank Lilith and she will gladly help you anytime you are longing for love and attention. ** Stop spending hours online looking at porn site, or chatting with people who live states away --- or trying to hook up on Craigslist, get together with someone who turns you on... who may just be a neighbor, or friend.
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