Lily's Charm: Beauty in Her image.

This piece is a byproduct of séance we held in an effort to conjure the spirits of original 19th Century vampires, from the Victorian Age. Our attempts were wildly successful, as we were able to pull in several spirits and obtain an original duplicate of their powers. The power that is vested in this comes from a princess that once presided over a precinct in Romania. It is a tragic tale of love and loss, however it all ends well... observe.

Lily was the ugliest princess to have ever existed in Romania, period. She was downright busted ugly. I know it isn't really nice to say, but it's true. I wouldn't touch her with somebody else's ten foot pool. She's so ugly it's a sin. But for real, she was seriously ugly. Get the point? All of her life, even as royalty, Lily was tease by her cousin, Victoria, who was jealous that Lily was an ugly princess and she would never have that title. Or would she? She grew up and married the prince of another precinct and so the competition was on. Poor Lily could not find any man to marry her for anything, not even all the money her parents offered them as bounty. That's when Francklyn showed up. Francklyn was an extremely handsome Romanian overlord in Romania, who took up Lily's parent's bounty offer. He is more like a power whore, but we'll get into that.

Lily and Francklyn were married, and Lily became the official successor to the throne. She must've been ugly and stupid, because she really believed that Francklyn loved her. However, little known to Lily, her husband was banging her married cousin, Victoria, the entire time. As the story goes, Francklyn coaxed Lily into murdering her parents, so she could inherit the throne. He had the wool so far over her eyes that she obliged, and succeeded as the next Queen of the precinct.

As soon as Lily took over, though, it was a wrap. Francklyn had her locked away in a high tower in what used to be her parent's castle. There she remained day and night, weeping for her lost parents, her lost love, and the fact that she wasn't allowed to see the light of day, but threw a window that wasn't large enough to light the entire room.

Things were about to change for Lily though, because the midwife that birthed her took pity upon her, and helped her escape. Determined to win her husband back, Lily went to visit a Romanian gypsy for a beautification spell. What she got was more than what she bargained for. Lily, who had had zero experience in any type of magic, cast the spell upon herself successfully, with one exception-- it turned her in to an undead child of the night. On the flip side, she became the most beautiful woman in all Romania. She was happy, but also devastated at the fact of living for eternity; but what is a lady to do?

She returned to her castle to reclaim her husband and her throne. However, upon snooping and digging for information, she discovers that Victoria had been messing around with Francklyn quite some time. In fact, the whole marriage was a fake. It was all a game and poor Lily was just the pawn in Victoria's plan to dominate the country. Lily became enraged and murdered both her husband and her cousin. When she was done seeking retribution she handed control of her precinct over to the midwife that had saved her life, or at least, had given her a new one.

Lily packed her stuff and nobody has heard from her since... until now, of course. She left her country in search of a source of magic that would resurrect her parents from the dead and negate the horrible acts of betrayal she had served them. So far she had been unsuccessful, so in exchange for her magic we agreed to give her a resurrection piece.

The piece that yous see here, embodies all the most potent forms of Lily's powers. She will give the one who wears it an eternal form of internal and external beautification. Lily knows what it is like to get picked on, as an ugly child, so she bestows the gift of physical beauty to those who invoke her spirit. However, she also believes that what is on the inside counts, too. Thus she provides and inner beauty that includes a spiritual enlightenment that will help the holder of piece to put petty things aside and realized the true meaning of life. This piece will also give you a great deal of self-confidence and an amazing sense of self-worth. You will be more positive and your aura will be cleanse, meaning you will be able to accomplish great things, because you will have nothing holding you back.

I have personally tested this piece, and while I was beautiful to begin with, I must say this piece is very effective in providing a sense of spiritual belonging and well-being. This piece is for those that just don't feel like they are quite good enough for whatever it is they wish to accomplish. It will help you achieve your goals in life, whatever those may be. This piece is serious, and should be seriously considered. You see the piece on display here? That is the piece you will receive if you choose to make Lily yours.

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