Over the past few months I have received many emails from men, and women, looking for an answer to their 'not so great' sex life. While many will talk up their sex life around friends, the truth is it sucks!

The main desire by many men is to be able to have a longer lasting erection, and be able to pleasure their partner with the best sex ever!

There are many componal elements to the connectivity of partners in a relationship, but often times the man is the problem, because he cannot get hard.

Women have no tall tell signs of issues, but if a man's penis does not get, or rather stay, erect then there are problems!

Impotencey is most often a generative factor in older men, but more and more these days there are issues being foreseen in younger guys.

I won't say who, but one of our staff members was on a date and one thing led to another -- things were about to get hot and heavy when the guy they were with limply tried to insert their rod into them. A disappointment to say the least, as it never fully erected to give any kind of pleasure.

They were left horned up in an awkward situation. Normally an experience like this would not be discussed in offices, but we are all like family and tell one another pretty much EVERYTHING!

This is when a facilitator who was in the office told us about the possibility of it having been caused by ligature?!

We were pretty unfamiliar with this avenue, and he began to explain to us about impotency resulting from sorcery; thus is what ligature is.

He said that it is generally accomplished by administering potions, or by someone tying knots in magical threads. The most common procedure is to tie knots into cords, or leather. The ligature will remain in force until the knot is untied!

Many people who have been scorn in relationships want nothing more than revenge on their ex- and what better revenge then to have them not be able to perform with a new lover!

Ahmed, the man who told us all about this had a man who can revert the ligature curse, without needing the knot to be untied.

We contacted Gerald, the reverter, and learned that this was an ancient relic spell and implication to curse men! People who have been cursed, have no idea and think that their bodies are just not functioning properly.

Gerald granted us this piece that will cleanse you of this curse. If you feel that you are not up to par, or things have been "falling", instead of "rising", then you want to get this piece! You will use this to experience the delights that you had when you first starting having sex!

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