This piece is AWESOME! I think we all have had times when we have been somewhere and end up feeling gross and smelly. Especially if you live in a tropical climate, you always are getting overheated and sweaty!

Even if you do not live in the humidity all the time, we sometimes forget to put on deodorant, or we get a surprise visit from someone and worry about how we feel. Especially if you are about to how spur of the moment sex... you want to make sure you smell good in all the right areas!

The scent of a baking apple, such as apple pie, apple tart, etc. is noted as the most appealing scent to both men and women, even if they do not like to each apples.

This pin is an aphrodisiac, enhancing sexual allure through scent! You simply need to have this near you -- and the emitted energies will impede your body with a wrath of clean smelling appeal. You will be craved, even when sweaty and nasty!

No longer worry about whether you showered today, or ran out of the house quick because you overslept, because eve if the client you think is hot shows up unexpectedly... you will smell sweet as pie!

This works for both men and women -- and is a great gift to someone who tends to have an odor.

My partners sisters is a reformed hippie and does not wear deodorant -- she normally smells very ripe and it to me is DISGUSTING! I gave her a piece like this, that showcased a sweet candy smell -- and I finally do not despise giving her a hug... as she has her pin on her purse and always has it with her :)

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