Lizzie's Awakened Broach ~

On August 4, 1892, Lizzie Borden's father and stepmother were murdered by an ax-wielding killer. Lizzie was arrested and put on trial.

She was found not guilty, but many people continued to believe that she committed the crimes, because of the compelling evidence against her and because she made conflicting statements under oath.

On the morning of the fourth, Andrew Borden had gone into Fall River to do his usual rounds at the bank and post office. He returned home at about 10:45 a.m.; Lizzie Borden claimed that she found his body about 30 minutes thereafter.

During the murder trial, the Bordens' twenty-six year old maid, Bridget Sullivan, testified that she was lying down in her room on the third floor of the house shortly after 11:00 a.m. when she heard Lizzie call to her, saying someone had killed her father; his body was found slumped on a couch in the downstairs sitting room. Andrew Borden's face was turned to the right hand side, apparently at ease, as if he was asleep.

Shortly thereafter, while Lizzie was being tended by neighbors and the family doctor, Sullivan discovered the body of Abby Borden in the guest bedroom located upstairs. Both Andrew and Abby Borden had been killed by crushing blows to their skulls from a hatchet. Andrew Borden's left eyeball was cleanly split in two.

The upstairs floor of the house was divided. The front was occupied by the Borden sisters, Lizzie and Emma while the rear was occupied by Andrew and Abby. Meals were seldom eaten together. Andrew was known by family, friends, and business associates as tight-fisted and generally rejected modern conveniences. The family still threw their excrement buckets (slops) onto the backyard. The two daughters, well past marriage age, gladly entered the modern outside world whenever they visited friends.

Conflict had increased between the two daughters and their father about his decision to divide the valuable properties among relatives before his death. Relatives of their stepmother had been given a house, and the two sisters demanded and received a rental property. They later sold this property to their father for cash. John Morse, brother to the deceased Sarah Borden, had come to visit on the week of the murders. His visit was to facilitate transfer of Swansea farm property, which had been the summer home for the Borden family. Shortly before the murders, a major argument had occurred which resulted in both sisters leaving home on extended "vacations".

The barn behind the home did not see much use after Andrew sold the horse. Lizzie had some pigeons in cages on the second floor that she fed and watered. She arrived one day to find the pigeons lying on the ground with their heads chopped off. Andrew said he killed them with an axe because the birds were attracting young boys in the neighborhood to the barn, and he felt they might get hurt or start a fire.

Lizzie had attempted to purchase prussic acid (hydrogen cyanide) from local druggist Eli Bence, but Bence refused. Lizzie claimed she planned to use it to clean a seal skin cloak; the defense argued that this incident was not admissible evidence.

Shortly before the murders, the entire household became violently ill. As Mr. Borden was not a popular man in Fall River, Abby feared they were being intentionally poisoned. The family doctor, however, diagnosed their illness as food poisoning. Andrew Borden had purchased cheap mutton for the family to eat, and they left it on the stove for days, used for multiple meals. The family believed the milk was being tainted by someone; after the murders, the milk was tested but nothing was found that could be connected to their illness. Both murder victims had their stomachs removed in an autopsy performed in the Borden dining room on the day of their deaths. The stomachs, with their contents, were packaged and sent to Harvard Medical School to be examined for toxins; nothing was found.

There was much evidence that made people think that Lizzie did kill her parents, but she did not, and we learned that from an old broach that belonged to her!

Even though she was never found guilty, due to lack of a murder weapon, she was never looked at the same by people in the town -- her life was burdened by this issue. Not only did she lose her parents, she lost herself in the eye of others.

When we showcase interest in learning information on a case we dive in completely. We searched and located relation that bear these ancestors. With much research and discussion we were able to see many items that were handed down over the years.

One broach in particular gave a chill up Deedee's spine. She inquired about purchasing the piece -- the family said they had to discuss selling it, but of course with the right price it was allowed!

The piece is simply stunning and holds the recognition that Lizzie did not do her family wrong. She was found not guilty because that is what she was, however she was always looked at by people as a killer.

The broach held the auric energy that was in the home the day of the murder. The piece hadn't been worn since that day, it was kept in a memory box as a momentum to the ancestors. The broach was worn by Sullivan on the day the murders occurred; Lizzie always questioned why she was wearing her stepmothers piece, but never thought she could have killed them.

The powerful energies in the piece unlocked the mystery, showcasing that Sullivan was angry with her bosses for ordering her to clean the windows on a hot day -- this was the last straw and Bridget snapped!

She killed Andrew and Abbey. Not that we can do anything with this information to help Lizzie now not have people question her, but we hope it brings her peace.

The power of the piece still resides. It will manifest the auric powers upon you and allow you to open your third eye to revel in the truth of things that you may have been "blind" to in the past.

Acknowledging the truth is a power that conquers all others --- this will conceptualize your mind with advancements to release questions you have had over the years, and it will help you make sense out of all the "mysteries" that have been acquitted unjustly in the past.

Many say to let the past lie, but past issues result in future outcomes! With this powerful broach you will be enriched by the energies to bring forth the nature of parts of you that you didn't before know existed... this is a rare chance to unleash molecules that will connect the dots, so to speak, to awaken the truth that lies in front of your eyes.

Works wonderfully for the past and will assist in present issues as well --- great piece!!

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