Brand Imaging.  In today's market, it's all about how you as a company and you products come off to the target market that you are trying to appeal to.  It is the number one rule that is taught when you go to school for any type of business management.  Perhaps the biggest part of your brand image is to come up with a catchy logo that is going to last.  For instance, Nike has the swoosh.  Coca-Cola has the their loopy letters written on every bottled or canned cola beverage they sell.  Walt Disney has it's trademark castle and Hamburger Helper has their little glove man.  It's all part of their marketing scheme, but here of late it seems that these logos have been representing a little more than simply trying to garner the attention of would-be customers.

 As the world becomes over-run with ever increasing greed, the fact that it is run by those who own the wealth becomes apparent.   In fact, many of these companies' owners have precious seats among the NWO.   Bankers, top level executives, and world leaders alike comprise this group of elitists that run the world economy. They are trying so hard to seat a one-world government and establish a one world system.  No rational human is going to go for this and this group doesn't want to stir up a commotion that might expose their true intentions.  Thus, they need to remain subtle, while quietly winning over the masses of the general public.  They have done quite a good job too.  Take for instance global economy efforts, which is the reason why everything is made and China and sold in the US.  Take also, for example the United Nations, which pretty much is the government of the world.  They dictate what other countries are allowed and aren't allowed to do.  They say participation is 100%, completely voluntary, but I call shenanigans on that.  If you don't bow down to the UN, they are coming for you.  Ask Saddam Hussein how that works.  Either way, the NWO through the many channels they own and occupy have developed a new way to control the minds of the masses.

You can't exactly just walk up on a stage with millions of people and begin performing mind controlling rituals.  First of all, people are going to make you stop, they aren't just going to sit by as willing participants while their minds are taken over.  Second of all, how likely is it that you can get this many people together in one area without some type of pandemonium breaking out?  So, the NWO sat down and thought of other ways to subject people to their spells of mind control and persuasion. That is when they decided that since they already own 90% of the world's businesses, why not just incorporate these spells into some the minds of humans are already familiar with?  Why not build these spells into the logos of consumers' favorite brands?  

This is going to be one of those few times, where if you're poor, you'll be excessively overjoyed.  For decades businesses have been encrypting their logos with spells that have come from the hands of the Illuminati and NWO which ultimately are the same group of people.  As I sit here typing this, I can look at the Coke bottle I have sitting in front of me, or the lotion I have here to keep my hands from drying up and splitting, or the designer label on my sweatshirt and sneakers.  These logos are all around us and 90% of them have been designed with some type of mind-leeching spell.  They are suggesting to you that you like this or don't like that, that you believe this way or you don't believe that way.  They also included spells that will continue to prompt you to buy your same favorite brands, so that way they can continue to control the wealth.  Why do you think that when you open a can of pringles they say, "Once you pop, you just can't stop!"?  Because, the Pringles logo was designed with a wealth spell that keeps your money going back to Frito Lays or whomever makes those chips.  

This piece will release the veil from your eyes.  It will allow you wake up and see the different types of spells that have been written into corporate logos all over the world.  It will allow you to keep your mind from being controlled and your behavior from being modified.  I mean, whose to say Procter and Gamble didn't make spells that told people to vote for Barack Obama??!!  Thank God I use Gain!  Either way, you catch my drift and if you want to be completely safe from any of these spells, no matter what kind of spells it is, you need this piece.  You need to achieve the type of enlightenment that will help you wake up and see these spells for what they are!  This is what this piece will do for you.  I mean, for crying out loud, they even have a mobile app called "Guess the Logo" now.  How desperate are they going to become??  Don't let these people run your life by controlling your mind with their logo mind spell magic any longer!  Conversely, this magic will also allow you to design your own logos and labels that will also cast spells upon those who read them!


This item is great for those in business or who want to start one or even if your just looking for some wealth. If your seeking to understand the ancient spells that only you can cast for yourself then this is also for you. These are a size 10 to 11 and are made of sterling and something else. I think some type of horn?


I have three of these and they all look the same except for the front face as they are all different.

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