Powers of the Nephilim

Recently, I was given the chance to visit a local synagogue that is located in my city of residence. The Jewish place of worship was rather grandiose, as the Jews believe that all things built in the remembrance of God, should be the best that you can afford. Thus, it was very beautiful to look at. The Rabbi was extremely open and welcomed me with open arms, even though I was of a different faith than she was. She had no problem opening the doors and showing me around.

The Rabbi allowed me a rather spacious allotment of time, giving me an individualized question and answer session during which I took full advantage to find out as much as I could. One particular subject that sparked my interest was the existence of the Nephilim in the Old Testament, what they would call the Torah. I was very curious as to the happenings that brought about these creatures' existence, so we were sort of stuck on the subject for a while. However, I our conversation eventually came to end, and my questions were still somewhat unanswered, as the explanations themselves were somewhat vague. You see, the first encounters with the Nephilim came before mankind had the ability of any kind of way to document lengthy accounts. Thus, the stories were handed down from generation to generation via a series of stories that were told. My mind just couldn't comprehend how there were creatures that were half angel and half man at the same time. It just didn't make sense.... yet.

The Rabbi, saw me to the door very cordially and bid me farewell. As I was on my way to my car for my departure, a younger Jew of high school age appeared to me from behind a different door on an adjacent outside wall of the synagogue. He poked his curly main out at me from behind the door, beckoning me to come to him. Perhaps it was curiosity, but something in me coerced me to actually succumb to the demands of the pesty teenager. Truth be told, I'm entirely glad that I made the decision that day, otherwise, I would not be able to offer this piece to my most valued clients.

I followed the teen into the building once more, down a hallway, and into a utility closet, where he sat me down and informed me that he had overheard my conversation with the Rabbi. He was a Jewish student at the synagogue, and was studying the preserved Jewish history. He also had questions to the extent that I did, almost to the point of doubting his faith in God. That is when his angel intervened, visiting him in a dream one night and presenting him with the relic that you see on this page. The angel had told him to put the relic to good use, as it holds powers that come directly from the Ark of the Covenant in Heaven. It was received sanctification directly from God himself. The young Jew was finished gaining his understanding, and so thought it appropriate that I should gain possession of the piece, as I had many unanswered questions.

To try to explain everything that this piece did for me, I would have to write pages and pages and pages... practically my own rendition of the Torah itself. What I will definitely tell you is that this piece actually embodies the abilities of a Nephilim. As it turns out Nephilim are the a hybrid between fallen angels and human woman. Thus, they appear as humans and inherit humans generally wholesome intentions. The beings also have angelic powers and the power of white light. The Nephilim will anoint you with its power, transforming your spirit into a Nephilim and granting you admittance into the realms of angels where you will hold counsel with the angels and the prophets. You will be given the secrets to God's existence as well as the abundance of all white light energy and white light powers. You will be able to explore the realms for yourself to gather you own knowledge and understanding and first hand accounts. Once you gain the power, no one can retract it, save for God himself. So... Go ahead, reach out for the Nephilim. I'm done with it and it is now my turn to pass it on. Just make sure you keep the tradition going.

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