Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Having no luck because you are too shy? Well it is time to leave all that behind you and allow yourself the chance to utilize Shiela's incredible touch as she is the woman pictured in this locket. You will need to write down your 3 most important factors of the person you wish to meet -- fold it up and place it within this locket. After placing that within it, do not open the locket again for 5 days. This will give Sheila time to utilize her abilities to relinquish the powers that will attract people with those qualities to you and you will soon find a good mate! ** Do not wear this if you are going to be in water, so only take it off to shower, or swim... but then place it right back on so she can connect the powers! After the 5 day period take the paper out and bury it in your backyard... continue to wear the piece and allow the empty side of the locket to be filled with the incredible person Shiela will guide upon your path!
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