We get asked on a regular basis for a real love potions that really work! <br /><br />


Every love potion is only as good as the witch who makes it, but this one is as fool proof as any potion could possible be.<br /><br />


This is a secret family recipe and it really works; you simply need to add a small drop of this potion into your a piping hot tub of bath water... do not add any bubbles!<br /><br />


You then will wait til the water is cool enough to get in and lavish in the scent of this potion -- allow your body to be infused with the energies. After the inital bath you will want to place a small dab behind each ear every time you are going to be out in a crowd where you can meet someone, or if you already have met someone, then when you are going on a date.<br /><br />

The residual magic of this potion is amazing and will bring forth a pure love for you --- not to mention erotic sensations once intimacy takes place!! There is an extra punch that was generated by Deedee's great-grandmother which added the sexual desire.<br /><br />


You are receiving the potion that was made a long time ago and handed down through the generations; this is why the bottle is not completely full --- but you truly only need a small amount before your love will come forth, or the relationship you are in will prosper!<br /><br />

Deedee found true love and is happy and now wants to emit this potion upon someone in dire need~!!<br /><br />

Love yourself enough to purchase and find love with someone else*<br /><br />

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