This summer I found a ton of young pixies in my garden playing amongst the flowers there. They love my home and all of my family but they all agree that they want some place to call their own. I am clueless to how they got into my garden and they seem to be too. They all have a unique gift to give to whoever "adopts" them. I will tell you about some of them all of them are unique and you will get their backgrounds. each one of them brings fab luck and wealth to you but they still do other things as well. Here are a few of them. I got little dolls which they now live in. I will make sure you get the names of each one you buy.

Tuneagah- He is very energetic and loves to play in anything green- its his favorite color. His favorite plant is the kind of ivy the grows on the side of my house. He is fascinated with the way it defies gravity. He thinks its magical, I've tried explaining that it grows to the wall but he insists. He gives the gift of healing powers. He himself is a healer and mostly uses his gift to heal plant and animal life because it feels most natural to him but he can heal anything.

Jewels- She is an intelligent and spiritual pixie. She is a great problem solver and actually solved a lot of stupid disputes between my brother and I. She loves to learn and she can read as well. I named her myself because she didn't feel it come to her like the others. She is named for her fondness or obsession with jewelry. She loves to collect pretty pebbles from the garden and arrange them around the house. Don't get mad if she does this in your home it's her way of saying she cares for you because she treasures the pebbles she finds. Her gift to you is 'spontaneous knowledge' as she calls it. She just somehow knows things that she couldn't possibly know. She believes that her mind is going beyond her body and just randomly bring bits of information back that other people withhold. Her favorite flower is the cherry blossom because she sees the tree as wise and the flowers beautiful.

Coomie- She is very shy but opens very fast once befriended. Like a morning glory, the flower she woke in. She sees all life as sacred. She extremely loving and emotional, especially when you bring her gifts. She gives a gift that has the power to attract all kinds of love to you. Her favorite flower is the red rose because it represents true love. She loves and also hates the movie romeo and Juliet. She finds it overpowering but so sad at the same time- on the other hand her 'sister' jewels finds it stupid how a girl would kill herself over a guy she knew for three days, even for love.

Samara- Samara is one of the most beautiful pixies I've ever seen. Pixies are normally more childlike in appearance but Samaras more fairy like. Samara loves the powers she was born with. She is telepathic to the max and very brave- she thinks its not a gift but everybody else thinks it is. She views the others as her siblings and the gifts they give link them to one another. She is somewhat small even for a pixie- in fact she's so small she can spread out inside a flower of Chinese wisteria her favorite flower. She loves how the smell of them overpowers your nostrils. She feels she related to them because she is strong but gentle as they are. She gives her adopter the gift of telepathy and a brave heart.

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