5-26-09 I love this one and if it wasn't sale day I would slap 150.00 on it because I love it and I love the way it works.

My ex the deflated pumpkin head private part scratcher brought home Not-so-Grim-Anymore last night and he was of course getting on my last nerve. He starts looking around my house and trying to eat everything in site because he never eats anything but Chinese food. Then he actually asked me to sew his loin clothes for him!  What an idiot. Someone else was telling how they have a husband that has loin clothes too,is this a trend

I mean his manhood as he calls it is covered,thank GOD for that or I would go blind but his butt cheeks flap in the wind and he runs around like freakin Tarzan.

Sorry but I have now lost my place because the phone rang with another idiot not the ex but one just as bad, it was a different ex, can't they all just move onω At least this one wasn't going on about his loin cloth.

Let me grab a stiff drink of grape kool-aid, BRB.

Now that was some great stuff. Kool-aid made with splenda is the best. I also tried this Olive oil Mayo which I think Debbie told me about and I have to say, once you go Olive you never go back! A little spin on that once you go black thing. I have never gone black but no offence to anyone that has.

So back to this item now.

As I was saying I love it! It has a mind connection as some sort of telepathy and I tested it while my Deflated Pumpkin head private part scratcher was here. I had to take the darn thing off. That guy is seriously insane. I could not get a grip on his reality!

I also tried it on Not-So-Grim-Anymore to see if any wrong went on at her fathers house. Was there drugs Was there sex Did she take a shower, brush her teeth. Was she left alone with boys who have ill thoughts

I'm like meet the parents. I drug test,search and seizure, look into drawers and check undies. I smell breath and check pupils. She passed which is a good thing for her. Not that she is doing any of that but it keeps them honest.

So I mind connected with Not-So-Grim-Anymore and found that she had a good time, did nothing wrong but that this older boy likes her. I might have to de-ball him.

So it works! You can use it for all kinds of things. Did I mention that it was also an eye catcher It is stunning.
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