5-26-09 What hides in Fort Dixω

This is not about aliens or conspiracy but a spirit that can bring from one world to the next, our world to be exact.

On RT 539 which runs through Fort Dix and the Pine Barrens is a man which on late nights will often show up. He looks human but is heω To this day I can't say I have the answer to that. What I do know is many people have seen him and all just haul butt to get away. Sometimes he seems to run after them in a very slow motion trying to give them something. These other people that can not even see spirits are scared witless and keep going. It seems that they know something is not right about it.

I have seen him three times and it is because I went looking for him. The first time I saw him I was not going to run, I was there to find out what was going on. After all he was showing up near the Pine Barrens and near Fort Dix, what a combo!

When I first saw him I approached him,he had his hands out to me as if he wanted to give me something. When I was walking to me he stopped, almost in shock that I was not running away. Then he opened up his mouth which was pure black and seemed to cause me heat stroke and he yelled "ARE YOU ONE OF THEM

I stepped back, this being was scary. But having come that far there was no way I was leaving, it is not in my nature.

I said if you mean human and alive yes,I would also like to keep it that way if you don't mind. He came closer to me and asked me to open my mouth which I did and then he asked me to breathe and so I did and then he said okay.

He then asked me to hold out my hands and gave me bits of hair, a tooth, various jewelry and watches, a stuffed animal all falling out onto the ground.

He demanded that I pick them up, he even gave me a matchbox car, one urn, doll, wallet, change purse, more jewelry and I said can you wait while i get a bag.  He told me to hurry up that many were counting on him so I did. He was either dead and in spirit which is what came over me and what it felt like too.

He also had one sagging eye and was dressed well. He looked unusual and yet he did not scare me at all.

When I got the bag from the car he said again that many people were counting on him. That these were the lost and the missing that could not come back. He said they were powerful people that could work miracles and change the world and so they were gathered up and sent off to rot in a limbo along with many others . I asked if they were dead and he said no. I asked if I could speak to them and he said yes because I was what they were waiting for or anyone that would stop and not run.

He said that these people were alive in another place but dead to this one. He said I was now holding a piece of them. I asked about the wallet and the stuffed animal,matchbox car. How could these hold an energy. He said that these people were unrelated yet all ages and born to hold power that was unlike anything else. They had a goal in life and that it was to prevent what I would later learn was the Georgia guidestone philosophy. What a shock to later go there.

All of these items have been tested and the items bring to you power that I have never experienced before. Sometimes you get a little dizzy from it, sometimes you fee disoriented. You are gaining the abilities of people that are extraordinary. You are going to channel this from what ever existence they are on. This is powerful stuff that gives you ability and something better, the ability to reach the world and teach.

Later On I went back and I will write what happened on my hauntedhardware site. This was very interesting,

the things I have had happen were pure psychic ability which I already had so I had to find why these people were taken and not myself if we all had some of the same thing. I learned later that they had all participated in a program which they were unaware of.

This program was to take away what they had which was special.  Another reason that they were in the situation that they were is because they had a direct connection with the universe and how to prevent and cause certain things.

Also these items make sure that you are capable of doing that. There are occasions that they will try to make contact with you to help you out more so. This entire thing just shows me that there is so much more I have yet to learn.

Many of these items will be going on because we need to spread them to all the people we can that will hold them and take it seriously. Look for more on this on Haunted hardware tomorrow.
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