Lucky Charms: Not For Human Consumption

If you’re like me, I’m sure that after reading the title, you’re hungry for a big bowl of cereal. But wait a few minutes and read the page entirely before satisfying your appetite, as these are powerful pieces and just might be gone by the time you get back.

The pieces that you see above, I received from an European correspondent that has connections in Ireland. He sent me the pieces after a trip to Ireland to investigate mysterious things that were going on. Not necessarily bad things-- perhaps a bit mischievous, but not harmful. After an investigation, my correspondent was able to determine the mischief was being caused by a local coven of Leprechauns that weren’t happy with human encroachment up their territory. As a means of setback and defending their territory, the leprechauns began to create random inconveniences for the townsfolk.

That was until our correspondent showed up, trapping the leprechauns into the pieces above. Now, the energy of the leprechauns has been completely reversed, because they hope to free some day. The only person that could possibly free the leprechaun is the owner of the leprechaun, if they do a release spell. But for now, they are under a binding spell that binds them to their owner, rendering their magic useless, unless they are using concurrent to the wishes of their owners will. So, basically you will be able to perform ancient Irish and Celtic forms of magic and enchantments. The leprechaun will bring you great luck and good fortune and the ability to cast good fortune spells on any particular endeavor. This means that you will accrue wealth beyond your means. Just a little FYI, like I said before, the leprechauns are held by a binding spell, so they will not be able to trick you or overtake you. The only possible way they can even be released from your service is if you, the owner, perform a release spell, sending your leprechaun back to his origins. You will receive one of the lucky charms shown above. Enjoy the luck o’ the Irish.

Please note that what Steve did not type is that while these Leprechauns are very giving it is not of their own free will. They have been taken from their homes and bound. We have a total of 39 of them with only four that want to be with humans. They love humans and will do the wealth but when they are gone we can not sell the other 30 some pieces because they will do nothing for you. This is why we test all our items. If we were to sell all 39 most of you would get no results from them. These four are Jukes,Marikda,Dolly and Little Hilly. They are adorable little people and do not want to be called Leprechauns. I guess even in the world of paranormal political correctness is making progress.

As for testing it has had to be extensive due to the rest not wanting to cooperate. Steve had to move and found a great place to live dirt cheap. One of our 144,000,00 had to move and found a great place to live cheap. One needed financing and could not get it until trying Jukes and then problem solved. Little Hilly is so tiny and cute with a happy happy disposition as they all are. They did not want to live there anyway so they are glad to help you. Now there is one more thing. They do leave and visit each other and gather once a week for fun with each other but they always come back.

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