How often have you bought pendulums but just can't get them to work? This one has been tested and tested and tested until hell it just needs to be put up for sale. It works for everyone,no matter if your half dead or all the way dead. This WILL work and it WILL answer all your questions. No need to practice no need to wonder how fast it will work,it will work and it will work fast.
This pendulum does hold a spirit and her name is Lucya. She is from Russia. I got a ton of Russian spirits in from Marat a Russian friend of mine who is a vampire. I was told that most Vampires take a trip to Egypt to enter the great pyramids to meet with the great spirit of the Northern sky. I asked what the Northern sky meant and he said it is not a meaning but a spirit of feeling and knowing. Each Vampire creates something while inside. This little piece of glass works for humans in a different way then it would work for a vampire. They get to make two trips in their existence. The reason for the meeting of the great spirit is because at first you are unaware. Once you have been around awhile you learn and become mature,this is the same for vampires. Originally this piece was made for beauty and lust,this the color. Now for humans it works as a pendulum that grants what you want and answers questions.
How to use this piece.
As a regular pendulum do as anyone would. To get it to grant what you want you would say, and this is only an example.
Do I want wealth? The pendulum would swing to yes if that is something you want. Then while it is swinging you would say "give it to me" that is exactly how you use it. Simple and easy and a gem of a piece to have in your stock pile.
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