Many of you probably have not heard of Lurancy Vennum but she is very much real. In the 1800's she as a child she began to tell her parents that she saw angels standing over her. She also began to appear as if she was possessed. When she was about 15 her parents were told to place her in a mental hospital but they refused. At this time she began to be someone else,in particular a woman named Mary Roff. Mary had died many years ago and seemed to be coming through using Larancy's voice and body. When the doctors looked at her she could tell them all about their homes,wives and children that she had never meet nor had knowledge of. As time went on people believed that she was a great medium and could talk to the dead but who ever was in Lurancy's body told them all that she was "away" and would come back when she was fixed. They were told that her mind and body was being worked on. Now some felt this was possession and others felt that she was a medium. We found out exactly what it was. The cross that your looking at is an antique and when I placed it on I was covered in angels and there was one that spoke to me in both voice and telepathically. This is what happens usually when your psychic to begin with. The one angel said to me that I needed to go ahead and get back with the commander of Gods army Michael and to proceed with the angelic transformations. I was holding off on these because to me it meant that people were turning into angels and we all know that can't happen. But it was not what we were doing. So because of this I was told to get back to it. These transformations give people the ability to hold the knowledge,power and miracles of the most beautiful angels. We could not have done this before but now we can and I was told it was because of the times we are in. Now the transformations have nothing to do with Lurancy but what we found is that when it was said that she was away out of her body it meant that the angels were fixing her. That is exactly what this piece does. This is the ORIGINAL and not a piece that has power placed into it. This IS the power and it changes your life,fixes ALL that is wrong with you both mentally and physically. You will not remember what is happening maybe only a little bit of the angels speaking to you and that is it. This piece can be used on anyone. I only have one and I don't want to mess with transferring power into another piece.

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