Lady Death: "the Other Mother", AUGUST SALE

As I'm sure you all know, the area in which the headquarters of Haunted Curiosities is located, is of a heavy Hispance influence.  You all probably know this because of the radio shows we've done, especially the one where Deedee goes outside and tells the neighbors to turn down their music.  Either way, the point is that our area has a lot of Hispanic Influence. 

It should come as no surprise, then, that the presence of the Santos, or saints that they venerated, is in no short supply.  Personally, I live with Hispanic people who use candles as a way to venerate the saints.  Personally, I invoke the presence of Saint Jude, the Patron saint of difficult cases, by lighting a candle.

You should all also know that Deedee loves to drive around for no reason at all, simply to see the Earth.  In fact she likes to roll around in fields and down hills.  I know... I know.  Either way, upon traversing through a wooded area in search of a meadow to roll around in, we came across a small alter.  The alter looked like it hadn't been used in years.  On a the trunk of an old Oak tree was the inscription, La Santissima Muerte.  As I looked at the alter, a chill ran up my spine, because I knew immediately that the alter had, at one point in time been used to venerate the Lady of Death. 

This isn't to say that the Lady of Death is a dark energy.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  She is often venerated and called upon, because she will do anything.  Her appearance tends to be a bit ghastly however, as she usually shows up as a skeletal woman, dressed in high fashion robes, and every once in while a crown.  She is a spirit of Death, but is also Death itself.  There is no request she isn't willing to grant.  She will consider requests that other saints or spirits will automatically disregard due to the fact that they aren't in harmony with church doctrine or whatever reason.  It is dangerous to invoke her, bute she can do everything.  She has access to all knowledge and fears NOTHING.  After all, she is death. 

However, I want to clarify something.  Due to Santissima Muerte's recent surge in popularity, rumors have begun to fly.  This saint is just that-- a venerated saint.  Although she may be hard to handle, she will NOT take your life or the life of a loved one in return for requests.  In fact, that is the most ridiculous thing that I've ever heard.  It's not even a stretch of the truth.  It is a blatant lie made up by some superstitious people.  However, as with all spirit conjurings, it is important to lay prices on the table BEFORE the deed is complete-- this can include anything from veneration by candlelight and incense, to tattoos honoroing a saint, or scraps of food.  Whatever your bargain is, it will not be your soul or the soul of a loved one. 

Back to original story.  we found this piece hanging from the altar in the middle of the woods.  I held out my hand to touch it and immediately began to feel the flow of energy that was coming through it.  I was able to tell that this piece had been used to conjure Santissima Muerte, so we took the piece home with us and ran some tests.  Sure as sugar is sweet, we were able to conjure up the spirit of Lady Death.  She came to us in her pallid, croaky form, with her purplish-black robes and a crown of black jewels upon her head.  We asked for something insignificant just to test the item, but our request was surely granted. 

This piece will conjure La Santissima Muerte on your behalf.  You can ask her for anything that you want.  This piece will manifest the side of her that is warmer and more loving, and will make her see you with favor.  It will make her more manageable and willing to perform your requests.  Keep in mind that in addition to using this piece is you light a candle, your requests will be returned in more powerful form.  Candles often times attract spirits, so they will work with her as well. 

*Light a black candle to petition for protection and revenge.

*Light a red candle to petition for love and sex

*Light a white candle to petition for good fortune, to break bad luck, or for spiritual and physicla healing

*Light a yellow candle to petition for wealth and economic success. 

*If you have a request that doesn't fall into one of these categories, lighting a green candle is usually an all-purpose strengthening of any conjurance or spell casting. 

Again, she will grant any request you ask of her.  You may ask of her one thing at a time.  Then you must wait until the following day to conjure her once more.  This piece is extremely powerful.  Don't take it lightly, because once you make a request, it is as good as done.  There is no reversing and conjuring Lady Death to undo a request that you have already asked of her will really piss her off.  You don't want to piss of Death, do you?  Just take it easy.  This piece is very powerful, but think it over before you use, that's all!  Enjoy! 

By the way, this is a beautiful sterling ring, size 7.5.  It can also be worn as a pendant to be used!! 

Lady Death: "the Other Mother", AUGUST SALE
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