Lake George Spiritual Re-entry Point

Lake George Spiritual Re-entry Point

You know, each time my grandparents go to New York they come back with a shirt that says Lake George on it.  Sometimes its  a lifeguard tshirt and other times its a hoody.  It just depends on what they see on sale and what time of year they go.  I like getting gifts, so I don't really care what they bring me as long as I get to open it!  However, more recently, I began wondering what the heck Lake George was all about.  IT is then that I came across an interesting story.  

Lake George is a sleepy little town, popular for tourists who want to get away from the bustling city life.  You can do anything from canoeing to mountain climbing there and it seems to be a very nice place to be able to relax and take a load off.  However, according to my research and investigation, it is also a place of great spirituality. 

In the center of Lake George is a place the defies that laws of time and gravity.  It is a lapse in time and at first glance it looks completely normal.  However, if you walk inside of an etched compass on the ground you will be to hear-- and feel-- that there is something different.  Inside of the circle your voice echoes.  Outside it does not.  This is because of a lapse in time and existence that exist in Lake George, because at this very spot is a spirit re-entry point.  

After doing some research I eventually came across a legend that states that the center of the compass is the exact spot that the god called Katchalototail had appeared.  Since then, the place has been abuzz with spiritual energy and Native Americans say the place still echoes his distinct wisdom and words of advice. 

Deedee and I decided that we were going to hold a seance, right in the spot where the time lapse occurs.  We gathered a a few people and we were able to draw the powers of the time lapse through and make this piece.  This piece contains all of the powers of the Lake George Time Lapse.  It will open up the full powers of your third psychic eye.  Not only will this allow you to see and hear spirits from all plains of existence, but it the energies of the spirit re-entry point will allow you to travel to spirit realms with your astral body, where you will be able to gain even more insight, powers, and abilities! 

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Lake George Spiritual Re-entry Point
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